It's time, women

Being a women in ministry for the past...oK...many years... twenty something...has been a privilege and yet a lonely experience. Granted, I have enjoyed being a part of the "early days" of women who were hired at the executive level of churches. Honestly. Had it not been for certain male leaders who were not afraid to let "a woman" lead, I would not be where I am today. You know who you are :-)

I've been praying for our church (and for me) to have an awakening to the importance of community among women around the principles of God's Word, our value to God as women, and living life with all the hats we wear. I have great expectation about the future and movements that are getting traction in our world for women like me and women who are in need of community (like me!)

There are two movements that I am excited to get connected and be a part of in 2015! I call them movements because they are driven by a COMMUNITY of women and not just one person (I love that!)



We are now an IF: Local chapter and will be partnering with ALL aspects of the IF movement at HHICC. We are a LOCAL gathering for the IF:Gathering event on Friday-Saturday, February 6-7. If you live in the HHI area, please join us! Register here.


Propel Women

This is launching TODAY at my Alma Mater with a week of activies. If you are a woman in leadership, get connected to this on Facebook, Twitter, and their magazine. Can't wait to see what happens with this! Excited to see how this will impact the NEXT generation of women (including my daughter).

It's time, women...let's go!

A first step

 IMG_5953IMG_5951 IMG_5955 IMG_5958 IMG_5954
IMG_5957  Sunday night, we had the opportunity to sponsor a Global Missions Benefit Concert for our four missions partners at HHICC. All the bands performed for free, the food was provided by Harold's Diner, and we accepted donations for all our partners throughout the night.

I've been giddy since Sunday night for so many reasons.  I was so thrilled with the turnout for the event.  Because we have never done anything like this before, we had NO idea what the turnout would be for this.  It was the first time we have hosted a concert in our new facility since we moved in last July. We invited the "Voted Best Band of 2012" on the Island, Cranford and Sons (who Randy, one of our drummers, is a founding member), and a singer-songwriter friend of Cranford, Angel Snow to join our HHICC artists (who opened the night's concert). Brandon and Kim Smith also performed and shared about their ministry, No Hungry Children.

I have a sincere passion to create avenues for artists to engage with the church. I feel very strongly that the "Church at Large" needs to do a better job of this.  Last night was a first step for us at HHICC.  Doing events like this allows the walls to come down  in every way.  We find what we can do together and create opportunitues for partnership and new relationships are formed.  Oh..and it was like a giant party!

I am so thankful for our team who served, most of them since 7am that morning for services.  It was an amazing expereience to see people from all over our Island community, not just our church community, come and support these artists as well as projects to build schools in Belize, feed kids in Africa, and send Islanders on mission trips.

Sometimes as a church, we don't do a very good job bringing the community together. I recognize that. Last night, we DID! It was such a privilege to host it, to participate in the concert with other artists, and share our music together. All of benefit people all over the world who need our help...and we made new friends in the process.

This is not the end...I can't wait to do this again!  I look forward to MORE opportunities for us to create avenues for artists and the community to come together here on the Island.

Sunday Recap


Do you remember the Seinfeld when Kramer is at "1st and 1st" and tells Jerry "I'm a the Nexis of the universe?" Well, that is kinda of how I felt this weekend. I ran my right hand into a wall accidentally on Friday and bruised it (depth perception problems!), we went to 2 services yesterday, offered a Christmas Brunch in between services, did HUGE music with carols and other more difficult than normal stuff, had our 1st Baby Dedication (which is kind of a production the way we do it) , my service producer threw her back out and was not there yesterday, my husband preached (which he normally does not), and my 4 year old had 102 fever all weekend!!!! Yeah, I took a killer nap yesterday.  It was a fabulous day!  Going to 2 services did exactly what we thought it would and really gave us some breathing room. We have been averaging in the 110's lately and had 136 yesterday. The service flowed great!  I chose a mix of carols and songs of reflection that complemented the holiday season, but also tied well with Todd's message on the Holy Spirit. Most of these were my arrangements so it was a lot of fun!  Here was our setlist...
1. All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name with Joy to the World
2. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
3. Do you Hear What I Hear ?  - Third Day
4. Breathe - Vineyard
5. Agnus Dei - MWS
We also did our first Baby dedication at our campus. We really go all out for these. We give each family a small Baby New Testament , a red rose in a vase (to acknowledge their child as an addition to the church family), and 2 letters - one that thanks them for being there and the other is for their child to open on the day that they accept Christ as their Savior so they know they were prayed for as a child. Todd prayed over the family and the child - it took 5 minutes!  We will always do these on an individual basis.  Believe it or not, even if you are a mega church , you can fit these in (I used to!) We just had certain Sundays we would schedule these and believe me, people LOVE this and invite their pre-Christian family and friends and it makes a HUGE impact.
Brunch was was just a fabulous day. Our wonderful friend, Janice, came to our house and stayed with Sydney because of her illness (Doc said today it's an ear infection.) In the 15 months we have been doing services, this was the 1st time I had a sick baby on a Sunday morning. God is good! Glad it's Monday.

Check out more setlists at Fred's!

I'm a woman in church leadership

I have tried the best I can to avoid this...but I cannot any longer. After reading Vicky's blog today, I have a responsibility as a woman who is in church leadership to contribute to this conversation.   I have seen and heard more than I have ever wanted to about this subject in the last month. This issue is not strengthening the church - it is dividing it and that causes me such heartache.  I can only speak to my convictions and my experience in church as a woman.

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