If life were lived on a cruise ship...

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* ...it would be like a REALLY nice youth camp...you know..the bunk beds, small showers, everybody in line to do everything, safety drills, T-shirts that everybody has to buy, big show at night...BUT with a casino and drinking (at least we didn't do that in public at camp.......calm down......I'm just joking!)

 * ...we would wear all those clothes in the back of our closet that we say "it's perfect for a cruise, but I would never wear it at home."

 * ...we would eat 5 meals a days and not care about the calories, or what others thought about our 3rd trip to the dessert bar...'cause they are right behind you!

 * ...we would have less stress in our lives...no one has a job and the roughest thing you have to figure out today is just exactly when you should arrive at dinner so you don't have to wait in line.

 * ...someone would clean our room everyday and make towel animals for us.

 * ... we would never grow tired of shopping on the ship...they roll out new stuff every night!

 * ...we would have to move over to Monopoly money because we would not be able to afford all the things that we would be charging to our Sail and Sign Card. Dave would be so disappointed!

 * ...dinner would be a classy affair that was meant to be enjoyed in courses with conversation and in no hurry.

 * ...I would have to get a job playing with one of the bands...and then I would go insane and throw all the steel drums overboard!...........ok...I'm ok...

 * ...we would live out loud, laugh out loud, and spend time with our friends and family all the time...I'm not so sure that's a bad thing :)

 * Your turn...if your life was lived on a cruise ship _________?

Christmas in NYC

IMG_8282 IMG_8285IMG_8251 It was SO cool to watch "Christmas in Rockefeller Center"  tonight with the family. This had to be one of my favorite years in a LONG while...Jamie, Harry, Tony, Faith, Beyonce...artists who can REALLY sing! Beyonce on the roof with St.Patrick's Cathedral behind her? Yeah,THE money shot. Lighting is everything, but I digress. NYC is so enchanting this time of year. I don't care how many times you visit or if you live there, the holidays are magical. Even being there last week, the city was already coming alive for the holidays. We never attended the Rockefeller Tree Lighting in person when we lived there (we chose to do the Lincoln Center Tree Lighting) but I never needed an excuse during December to take the 1 train to 50th Street and walk the few blocks to see "THE TREE." We did the parade and made it to Macy's to see Santa last week (20 minute wait - Todd was very happy!) Sydney and I went ice skating in Bryant Park....Magical...the only way to describe it. If you haven't been, go...if you have, you know what I'm talking about.

Girls weekend

Photo 38Home_photo My friend Kim and I are spending a couple of days together (as we try to do at least once maybe twice a year) catching up on each others'  lives, eating, and shopping. We have great husbands.  We ate at a FABULOUS place last night , Le Maison on Telfair in downtown Augusta, GA that I highly recommend. More food and shopping are on the agenda today. Did I say we have great husbands?


IMG_8108IMG_8113IMG_8110IMG_8114IMG_8124IMG_8102 I  spent close to 36 hours with people I haven't seen in years and time was irrelevant.  We are all the same but have kids (as Kim said!) Most of the members of my era at LU on Sounds (1992-95) were in attendance. It was 3 days of stories, pictures of bad hair, music, lies, and more lies.  The band still feels inferior to the singers and the singers are still amazing singers (who still can't find "1", but I digress.) We have seen each other at our best and our worst...we know what we are good at and what we stink at...we would never have crossed paths except for this wonderful bond...we were on a team.   "Boss", as we call him, brought our lives together for a brief time and forever changed our musical landscape.   It was awesome to hear everyone share what God is doing in their lives and we all expressed how grateful we are for Liberty, Thomas Road, "Doc," and the friendships (and spouses!) that we gained during our time as a team. Sometimes having a history can be a really good thing.  Check out the video here...

Past meets future

Marty2 We safely arived at LU tonight (despite a wrong turn and Todd getting a $185 speeding ticket in Society Hill, SC) It is a little weird driving around here in my mini-van with 2 kids. I feel like Marty McFly being in my own future.  Todd and I realized that the first time we drove up 29 North was 18 years ago on our way to a College-for-a-Weekend as Seniors in High School.  Not much has changed (on 29 that is).  We were both at the same CFAW and never met...till 1 year later:) We have a ton of friends to see, meetings about interns for LCC, and football, baby! Time for bed...

New pics of our cruise

Check out some pics on the left from the cruise Todd and I took a couple of weeks ago out of Miami to Cozumel and Grand Cayman.  We love cruising!  Special thanks to JB for setting up a great vacation for us.  We highly recommend Norweigan ifImg_7240 you want to try a cruise.  You have the option to eat wherever and whenever you want at night and that is BIG deal if you don't know it!  It was so relaxing and we got to do some cool stuff like drive our own jeep around both ports of call, snorkeling in caves, and yes, go to 2 great beaches.  It was a MUCH needed vacation...enjoy the pics and your envy!

Soho South Cafe




Last weekend, my friend Kim came over to Savannah (which is about 45 minutes from HH) and we spent the night there and did some shopping and eating (of course!).  It was a Mother's Day weekend treat!  We ate at this fabulous cafe for lunch that you MUST try out if you visit Savannah - Soho South Cafe.  Fabulous lunch and the atmosphere was so cool!  It is an art gallery, bookstore, retail shop, and restaurant all in one.  Every table is totally unique - picnic tables, bistro tables, vintage breakfast tables - very eclectic.  The food was great and the service was awesome.  It is located in downtown Savannah on Liberty Street - don't miss this place!