Legacy - Part Deux

I blogged here about legacy last week...and then I watched Leno's last show. WOW...I was exhausted from moving all day and I was almost jumping out of my skin watching this...one of the most POWERFUL moments in TV that I have witnessed. If you didn't see the whole show, click here.  The one thing this clip doesn't have is Jay's acknowledgement of his wife of 30 years, Mavis. He said that he brought her to the dance 17 years ago  and he was so glad to still be dancing with her. Watch this video clip with the eyes of a Christian leader and think about the legacy you are leaving when you take your "final bow."

Beijing Olympics - Most artistic ever?

Oly1   Is it just me or has this Olympics brought out the artistic and creative soul of culture more than any other Olympics? I have really enjoyed NBC's spotlight pieces on Chinese artists and the culture in China as it has influenced the games. I look forward to those pieces sometimes more than the games themselves (except when Phelps is in the pool). The hardships of this culture have strengthened and purified their art in ways we cannot understand in a free society. Some of their artists who have played key roles in the artistic design of the Olympics have at one time been imprisoned by their own country for their art.  What does art do that makes regimes fear it? Tell me what you think.

Admit it and move on

Studio60_hires_logo Being the Sorkin fan I am, I was very disappointed when Studio 60 got canceled last year. I had so many engaging conversations about Christianity and Hollywood BECAUSE of that show when I lived in NYC with people who respected the writing and were intrigued with the storyline.  When Sorkin was asked about it, he just came out and said "Our show failed in a big way."  Here's an excerpt...

"I don't know how to emphasize this enough that I'm not disappointed or upset with anyone but myself. There are only two possible reasons for 'Studio 60' failing -- it was either my fault or it was just one of those things. On some shows, you can make mistakes and still survive. But with this one, I made too many mistakes for it to survive." CLICK HERE to read more...

Am I willing to look the world in they eye and say, "I messed up!" ? I believe when I am able to admit my creative shortcomings and move on to new creative ideas, I truly "get" the creative process.

Is this hard for you or is it just me?

Opening Ceremonies

2chang533 There were moments I was in awe and really without words, and then the next minute I was so intimidated, almost fearful.  There was so much to take in that I'm leaving it on my DVR for awhile to watch again. My favorite artistic nuance of Director Zhang Yimou was the power of thousands in contrast to the 1. Maybe it stemmed from his own life...

"One of his[Zhang Yimou] favourite stories is how, at the age of 23 at the end of the Cultural Revolution, he donated his own blood in return for money to raise the $20 needed to buy his first camera. He insists that the experience of his early life and memories of the country's recent turbulent history remain a defining characteristic in his work." CLICK HERE to read more.

The largest LCD screen in the world? I know some Programming Director somewhere in some church is pricing that out right now:)


I learn so much from Aaron Sorkin.  I love the way he writes on leadership, relationships, and religion. Granted, I do not agree with his view on everything, but the way in which he speaks through his characters in these three areas has taught me more in some ways than reading books on these subjects. He also makes me uncomfortable because he's right sometimes and I don't like it.

I love this scene from "The West Wing" Season 3 because President Bartlet says what unfortunately we do from time to time as worship leaders and pastors - We butcher it. Here is Sorkin's opportunity to let us know how he feels about it. I wonder how many people leave services that I design and feel the way that he felt. Have you ever been the "Hack" or the one that heard "the hackery?"

Disclaimer: After President Bartlet gives a Sinatra rendition, you can stop the clip. If you don't want to, I do not take responsibility for the one bad word he says very shortly after that...you were warned.


Studio 60


I have waited way to long to talk about this...I have to tell you about my favorite new show on TV right now...Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.  OK - some of you are thinking that I have gone to the dark side, but you have to understand the fascination that I have with Aaron Sorkin and his writing ever since he wrote A Few Good Men and The American President. There have been 4 episodes so far and honestly, the ratings are only good in New York and LA and that makes sense because of the content of the show. BUT - I have to tell you that he is writing a Christian on the show the way only a person who has known a real deal follower of Jesus can.  So, with some research , I found out that he IS writing about someone - Kristin Chenoweth - from West Wing.  You need to watch this show - you don't have to agree with the politics, but you have to experience the writing and how unashamedly he is presenting "Harriet" as a real Christian who isn't stupid, unintelligent, and untalented.  You can view past episodes on nbc.com so do it!  We'll talk later...

No More bad TV

S5_image OK - maybe that's not the best way to put it..BUT, do you DVR or TIVO?  If you don't know what I am talking about, you are MISSING OUT! We have cable up here in the city , but we have a DVR receiver which allows us to record up to 2 channels at the same time.  No longer do we sit in front of the TV at night having to watch commercials.  All we do is record the shows we want to watch every week and we watch them when WE want to watch them.  Believe it or not, we spend so much less time in front of the TV now than ever because we don't want to watch regular TV and have to sit through commercials!  For example, we are HUGE 24 fans, but Sydney is at that age where she is aware  of stuff on TV and we don't want her to watch that, so we just record it and watch it after we put her to bed.  For Sydney, I record the shows on Noggin that I want her to watch.  So no more excuses for bad TV... you are in charge of what you see now more than ever!