Christmas in NYC

IMG_8282 IMG_8285IMG_8251 It was SO cool to watch "Christmas in Rockefeller Center"  tonight with the family. This had to be one of my favorite years in a LONG while...Jamie, Harry, Tony, Faith, Beyonce...artists who can REALLY sing! Beyonce on the roof with St.Patrick's Cathedral behind her? Yeah,THE money shot. Lighting is everything, but I digress. NYC is so enchanting this time of year. I don't care how many times you visit or if you live there, the holidays are magical. Even being there last week, the city was already coming alive for the holidays. We never attended the Rockefeller Tree Lighting in person when we lived there (we chose to do the Lincoln Center Tree Lighting) but I never needed an excuse during December to take the 1 train to 50th Street and walk the few blocks to see "THE TREE." We did the parade and made it to Macy's to see Santa last week (20 minute wait - Todd was very happy!) Sydney and I went ice skating in Bryant Park....Magical...the only way to describe it. If you haven't been, go...if you have, you know what I'm talking about.

Sydney's photo shoot

Dsc_0172edit Last week, we were at a Princess birthday party for one of Sydney's friends and Abro Kruger snapped this photo of Syd and e-mailed it to me...Okay, she's 4 but looks 15?  Abri told me to let people know he took this photo when she gets discovered! The funny thing is that she sat for him and he took a ton of pics and she did everything he told her - she loved it!