Unity, Humility and Prayer

Yesterday, I gathered with about 60 other people representing church leaders, actors, models, photographers, musical artists, TV executives, and other creatives at the Times Square Arts Center to pray and worship together and claim New York and its creative people for Christ.  The event was sponsored by Artisan.  I was so blessed and encouraged to meet men and women from so many artistic backgrounds who are so burdened for their respective industries.  The group met from 3-6 pm and we prayed together, as well as in groups - we read scripture and worshipped together. It was amazing!  God is truly doing something fresh here in the lives of people who are believers in New York and there is a fire and passion to see Jesus lifted high above all else in this city.

Tugboat Music


I started today a new part-time job (5-10 hours a week on Fridays) with a wonderful couple here in the city - Barbara Siesel and Keith Torgan.  Check them out at Tugboat Music.  I will be assisting them with contracts for performances, database management, and bookings (in the future).  They have such a passion to see children embrace classical forms of music in a creative and innovative way.  I am really excited about this!  Todd and I have been praying for something like this for me to do on the side from home since we moved here in December so we are thrilled with this opportunity.  More to come...

South Street Seaport



Between 1815-1860, this seaport was known around the world.  Located on the East River next to the Brooklyn Bridge,  this area has been transformed into a great shopping and dining area on the southside of Manhattan.  Todd and I had great seafood and enjoyed watching schooners to speed boats come in and out of the port.  Another great place to visit if you are in the city...

Good friends



We spent a delightful day yesterday with our former pastor and his family.  It was a little bit of a surprise in the sense that we really weren't sure if we were all going to hook up, but we did.  It  was great to see them and to hear about our church in Atlanta, NorthStar, and what God is doing there.  Good friends are hard to come by and Mike and Anne Linch are that...good friends.  Their kids, Casey and Mary-Michal, are growing up into awesome people and it was so cool to see them having fun with Sydney. Anne's parents, Daddy B and Mrs. Judy were also here and we loved seeing them!  We rode the Ferris Wheel at Toys-R-Us and ate pizza at the oldest pizzeria in the U.S, Lombardi's. Good friends are hard to find but even harder to keep.  Todd and I are so grateful for this family and for their love and support in our lives consistently for the past 10 years.

Port Jervis



Yesterday, I had the opportunity to lead worship for a women's retreat in Port Jervis, NY for ages 14-25. What an incredible group of women!  These women represented about 40 different Indian churches in the Tri-State area.  Here I am with my new friend, Celin, who  was an organizer for the retreat.  In the afternoon, I had some free time so I drove around and took some great shots of the Delaware River that runs right next to Port Jervis.  It was a beautiful day.  I was so grateful to God for the beauty that He gives us in mountains, water, and in meeting new people who love Him.




79th Street Boat Basin


One of the special places in our neighborhood is right across the street from our house. The Boat Basin is a great little cafe with cheap, but good food.  It is located right on the Hudson along the Hudson River Park that runs all the way down to Battery Park.  We ate dinner and then took Syd out for a "ride" on her new tricylce - I felt like I was on the West Cost!  It was about 70 something degrees and just pleasant.  Anyway if you are in NYC during the spring and summer, you have to check out this place - you will love it!


Another year


Today was my birthday - yes, I am officially 21...(yeah) anyway, it was filled with e-mail cards from friends (today I was thankful for e-mail!) and phone calls and a couple of good meals with friends.  So I am contemplating another year of my life now and I have to say..what a ride!  The places I have visited, the people that I have met, the beauty around me that I have experienced - I am overwhelmed.  I feel very blessed to have the husband, daughter, parents, sisters, and friends that God above has given me the privilege to do life with everyday.  I feel younger and more alive in some ways than I did 10 years ago - I attribute that partially to just growing up in some areas and discovering the joy of contentment as you age.  Not that I have arrived or that I am not in process, but I am choosing today to celebrate in all areas of my life.  So, have a piece of cake for me today and count your blessings...It is the greatest gift I have given myself this year...

Neighborhood moments

When you live in one place for along time, you take for granted some of the things that make that place your home.  Moving to a city like NY...well, you can imagine.  This week, I have had a couple of what a friend of mine calls "neighborhood moments."  When you see someone you know on the street and they see you and you both smile.  This place is starting to feel like home and I'm glad.  God has brought and continues to bring new friends into my life each week - new friends to share life with everyday.  It's good..good to feel like I'm home.

A day in the rain


So, I woke up this morning with a firm resolve..get it done.  When I was in college, my days were ordered for me - class (if you don't go, you fail music classes!), piano/voice lessons, rehearsal with the band I played in, and food.  I find as I get older my mind tends to wander to so many things I want to do and not the things I need to do.  Probably not much different from your life . Time is a luxury that should never be wasted. It has been raining here for 2 days and I have a tendency to get melancholy when it rains.  BUT, today, I got it done.  Yes, it is the end of the day, but I got this blog in, didn't I?  Why am I rambling about something so trivial?  Today was a good day.  It doesn't matter what I had to do today - the point is that I had a good day and I want to celebrate that.  I don't celebrate the good days as much as I should.  I tend to dwell on the days I didn't feel a success as a wife, mother, employee, or follower of Jesus. Today - I made it happen.  I just wanted you to know...

Springtime in NYC


After our first winter in NY, I can't help but just have a big smile on my face right now enjoying the most beautiful spring weather the last few weeks.  We have enjoyed dinner on our patio and walks later in the evening because it's just so nice.  Here are a few photos I took of a volunteer garden near 90th street in Riverside Park...the colors are sImg_0546o radiant.Img_0545