A Day at NewSpring

Pastor Jeff is a part of Perry's coaching network so today, he brought some of us from LCC to meet with Perry's staff and do some breakout sessions. Perry is a huge motivator and a straight-shooter adn that is why I enjoy being around him. Here are some thoughts I'm taking home with me today...
1. I need to believe that God can do the impossible.
2. One of the most dangerous things that God can allow a church to experience is success because some people cannot handle the favor of God.
3. I am a servant of the Most High God. I hold the towel for the God of all.
4. My days are numbered.
5. I did that...now what, God?
I was also really challenged to invtie those around me that I forget about to our Christmas Services.  I get busy and forget my business is others and that they hear about the King of Kings, especially this time of year. This rocked!

Relationships, baby!

I'm a "High D/ High"I"I'm a Lion/Otter To summarize these attributes...I am always looking for the party all the time, but on the way to the party, I'm feeling guilty because I should be setting personal goals for myself and my children for the next 5 years(yeah, I'm messed up!). This mix has done pretty well for me in ministry because it has given me the ability to sleep at night when I do have to make tough calls, but it balances me to build relational ministry (I LOVE being with people!) The older I get and the longer I do this, the more I desire relational ministry (I'm talking to my former tech director from ATL right now as I write this blog - he called me AFTER I started this!)  When I think back about the different places of ministry that I served over the last 15 years, it's the relationships I remember not the cool sermon series' we did. It's eating Subway sandwiches every Thursday night while Winfrey and I would set the stage and talk about how to invest in our volunteers and sharing stories of wins in our ministries that week.  It's working on recording new worship songs in my little bitty apartment in NYC with Brett and being blown away at what an amazing songwriter he was. It's having dinner with my drummer  and his wife and hearing his passion to start a Christian music night on Sundays nights at a local music/bar venue on the Island.  I love being able to do the journey with others and come alongside other people in collaboration and accomplish great things personally and creatively. Without these relationships, ministry becomes a real job and I don't want a real job. It was no accident Winfrey called me while I was working on this - I needed his phone call today.  He didn't call for any reason - just wanted to say "Hey." And boy, it meant alot.

It's My Pleasure

You gotta love Chick-fil-A. Asking for extra ketchup is not a burden to them...it is their pleasure. When people ask things of me, is it my pleasure to accommodate? Honestly...not all the time. I love helping people who help me, but I struggle sometimes helping people who do not help me.  Matthew 7:12 says "Ask yourself what you want people to do for you, then grab the initiative and do it for them." (THE MESSAGE). This is an offensive behavior...not a defensive behavior. Tim first taught me this. I should always be the "host" in every circumstance...initiate the conversation, ask questions, lend a hand, do everything in your power to make the other person feel so important. If I would try to outgive others, I won't have time to be sitting around thinking about why someone isn't helping me. I need to do a better job of "hosting" the people in my life. Care to join me?

Try being "the host" for a day and tell me what happens.


Photo 37

Todd asked me today to think about someone I respected as a leader...and then to think about how much of my respect for them was based soley on this person's attitude about life. I have to say it was a HUGE percentage.   Perry has been doing some great stuff on this lately. I spent a couple of hours with my mentor last week and he inspires me to have a positive attitude about everything. I think that is why I am so encouraged when I am around him.  Yeah, he kicks my tail a little (which I need) but he makes me want to embrace life with a "YES I CAN" attitude...to say,"Sure, whatever it takes - I can make it happen."  That is the kind of person I want to be.  I want to embrace my marriage, my kids, my ministry, my music, my relationships with that kind of "YES I CAN" attitude.

Do you want to be a "YES I CAN" person? What's holding you back?

Muti-Site Exposed Conference - Day 1

Website_header6 Here were some great thoughts I paraphrased from Mark Batterson, Dino Rizzo, Greg Surratt, and Shawn Wood. They are not quotes because I frankly can barely read my own writing, thus why I am making sure my computer is charged for tomorrow' sessions (iphone, here I come).

DR: It is important to help your staff understand that every one is important on every campus.
DR:  There is not "first class" and "coach" with your campuses - we are one church.
DR: The DNA of our church is what we talk about in staff meetings.
MB: Every church should have a unique church print.
MB: Coffee houses are the post-modern wells of the Bible.
MB: Being a Muti-Site church forces us to think outside of ourselves.
MB: Anything less than multiplication is spiritual complacency.
SW: Seacoast is not a franchise. We give freedom to our campus pastors.
SW: We ask ourselves every week, "What can we leave people with on Sunday that will change their life?'
SW: The original campus has to provide leadership to all the campuses.
SW: The original campus HAS to think multi-site all the time with their decisions.
SW: We have to think about the person that just walked in for the 1st time in our language, the message, the music - we have to be careful how we build on each week.
SW: We have to communicate with our campuses as soon as we know information that affects them.
MB: Everything is an experiment. 
GS: Don't call the the first campus of your church "the main campus."  It is belittling to all your campuses.

A fresh voice

Sp_photo_4 Over the last week, I have investigated the life of Gov. Sarah Palin and have come to admire her accomplishments and her strengths as a leader first and as a female second. The media has done a fantastic job of helping me respect her life even more.  But as I sat and watched this historic speech, I thought about my 4 year old daughter and I was overwhelmed with the importance of this entire Presidential campaign in my life and in hers.  Although I do not share the ideals of Sen. Clinton, her campaign was historic. The nomination of Gov. Palin on a Republican ticket is historic. These women have destroyed barriers that will have lasting effects on this generation of women and beyond.  No one can deny that women face certain challenges that are very different than men when it comes to being in positions of influence. Working in the church world for the last 13 years has shown me that. I have been blessed to serve with leaders who have embraced my leadership skills and helped paved the way for me to have the opportunity to be a leader at a level not normally offered to women in the church world.  My experience has been amazing, but I know it is not the norm. Gov. Palin's nomination to the Vice-Presidency is an opportunity for women to be heard at the highest level. I know that Gov. Palin does not speak for all women, but for those of us who share many of her ideals, she is a fresh voice and someone who can elevate the discussion in this country with regards to issues that effect women everyday. As a working mother of 2, I am proud that she is on the front lines for me.

Boss or leader?

I love leadership books.  I love reading blogs or really anything that helps me become a better and more effective leader.  I have been blessed in my life to have some truly tremendous leaders pour into my life and I feel a great responsibility to share their investment in my life with the team around me. My hubby e-mailed me this link today and I loved this comparison between a boss and a leader.Boss_cartoon

1. A boss may 'tell' but a leader will 'coach'.
2. A boss tries to rule by force and fear but a leader will encourage, motivate and gain  trust. 
3. The boss focuses on his or her own needs saying 'I'. The leader considers others and uses 'we'.
4. A boss cultivates a blame culture whilst the leader looks for solutions and expects mistakes.
5. The boss can tell you what should be done and how to do it but offers no help. The leader tends to show a person how to do it.

CLICK HERE to

Do you have tendencies to be a boss or a leader?

Not right now

Our Island campus staff made a big decision...we are not going to add another service right now. We feel confident about the times we have chosen (9:30 and 11) but none of us have peace about pulling the trigger right now. It was a really cool moment as Todd (my hubby and Campus Pastor) asked Barb and I what we were sensing from God.  We were all in agreement and felt God was saying,"Not right now." I've been at this juncture so many times in the 4 previous churches I have served with adding services. Sometimes, we went for it and it was a disaster.  Sometimes we went for it and it was a success. Have you ever felt God tell you to wait on a big decision?  How did you handle it?

Admit it and move on

Studio60_hires_logo Being the Sorkin fan I am, I was very disappointed when Studio 60 got canceled last year. I had so many engaging conversations about Christianity and Hollywood BECAUSE of that show when I lived in NYC with people who respected the writing and were intrigued with the storyline.  When Sorkin was asked about it, he just came out and said "Our show failed in a big way."  Here's an excerpt...

"I don't know how to emphasize this enough that I'm not disappointed or upset with anyone but myself. There are only two possible reasons for 'Studio 60' failing -- it was either my fault or it was just one of those things. On some shows, you can make mistakes and still survive. But with this one, I made too many mistakes for it to survive." CLICK HERE to read more...

Am I willing to look the world in they eye and say, "I messed up!" ? I believe when I am able to admit my creative shortcomings and move on to new creative ideas, I truly "get" the creative process.

Is this hard for you or is it just me?


I learn so much from Aaron Sorkin.  I love the way he writes on leadership, relationships, and religion. Granted, I do not agree with his view on everything, but the way in which he speaks through his characters in these three areas has taught me more in some ways than reading books on these subjects. He also makes me uncomfortable because he's right sometimes and I don't like it.

I love this scene from "The West Wing" Season 3 because President Bartlet says what unfortunately we do from time to time as worship leaders and pastors - We butcher it. Here is Sorkin's opportunity to let us know how he feels about it. I wonder how many people leave services that I design and feel the way that he felt. Have you ever been the "Hack" or the one that heard "the hackery?"

Disclaimer: After President Bartlet gives a Sinatra rendition, you can stop the clip. If you don't want to, I do not take responsibility for the one bad word he says very shortly after that...you were warned.