Sunday Recap - SERVE DAY!

Serve day Yesterday, we got outside our church walls and served our Island community. Here was our service:

"Sing, Sing. Sing" - Tomlin
Welcome/Get into teams/Greet
Scripture Reading - Romans 12
Prayer of Dedication over Serve Day
"Happy Day" - Hughes

After our "Pep Rally", we did the following: visited nursing homes and assisted care facilities, visited patients in the hospital, cleaned up trash on our roads, painted the gym of our boys and girls club, did repair projects on our campus, prepared 18,500 plastic Easter eggs for our BIG Community hunt in a month.

The weather was AWFUL, so we canceled a couple of outside projects, but that did not keep almost 100 percent of our active attending congregation from participating!!! The consensus after today was that we should do this as a church campus once a quarter on Saturdays.  Everyone's projects went well and NEXT WEEK are are going to share the stories live, through video, and with pictures in our services. I CAN"T WAIT!!!

Join me at Fred's for more Sunday setlists.

Good questions

My husband Todd and I know that we are a little different. Most people would say planting a church with your husband could be a really, really dumb idea...especially if you are both staff members.  I don't care how many years you have been doing ministry on a church planting is a different ball game.  I'm not going deny that this experience has not had some really tough days. We are constantly learning how to keep margins in our life with ministry, people,and our family. BUT, as only God can do, we are surrounded with the most loving people in our church, leaders who are so willing to give, and a Lead Pastor who is the real deal. Our family is thriving here on the Island. We are "finding our groove" with our 2  preschoolers and having a blast in the process. With Sean and Sydney playing around us, Todd and I spent the afternoon identifying new leaders in our church for new levels of ministry. Here are some questions we asked ourselves...

  1. What are we doing that someone else would be willing and more able to do?
  2. What is our "TO BE" list look like - not our "TO DO" List?
  3. Who are we robbing of the opportunity to lead by being too "hands on?"
  4. Why is Sean covered in a sticky substance? (Just seeing if you were playing attention - he found the treasure box filled with candy in Promiseland - sorry, Barb!)

What are you asking about your job, family, or ministry? Share some of it here.

Theater and kids

544257KatarinaWeb   I attended Sydney's field trip yesterday to the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina  to attend the play, Katerina the Clever as presented by the Lexington Children's Theater. This is a Russian folktale about a clever young peasant girl who outwits her ruler. With the help of a goat - her best friend and loyal sidekick - she answers four riddles posed by the Tsar, earning his respect and the position of chief advisor. It was such a treat to see live theater presented for a young age in such a delightful and energetic way. I was watching the play and just thanking God that I have the opportunity to expose my child to the arts at her young age. We saw the Little Mermaid over the Thanksgiving holidays in NYC and it was amazing (I blogged more about our trip here our our family blog.) Yes- I admit it... I am living a little through my daughter right now - I make no apologies!  I cannot express in words the joy of seeing Sydney's face light up as she saw and heard "Ariel" sing on stage. The arts will always be a HUGE part of our lives and I contribute so much of her creativity and imaginative play to the early exposure of live theater and the arts in her life.

Have you attended anything great this holiday season with your kids?

Dirty Little Rascals 3

Dirty_3_web One of our video guys, Joel, was one of the editors on this movie produced by Fuel Clothing.  It was a collage of extreme sports from skateboarding, BMX, motorbikes, surfing, snowboarding, etc...I was SO proud of the editing job that Joel did  - he's a freshman in high school!!! Kudos, Joel and thanks for signing my copy of the movie!

God at work

Img_8078 2 of my band guys got baptized on Sunday night at our Beach Baptism.  I nearly lost my life trying to film them and take pictures in the waves! Words cannot express how excited I am to see what God is doing in the hearts of our not just be doing the "music thing", but to really see authentic community with God and each other. This has just been a big week of answered prayers in my life on a personal level as well as in ministry...I'm just taking it all in.

What is God up to in your life?

I love my rental

In light of the financial news of today, I love my rental house.  I always thought I was a person of great faith until we had to sell our home in Atlanta and move to NYC. It took us 2 years (2005-2007) to sell our home.  The interesting thing is that our house sold at exactly the specific time in our lives when we absolutely 100 percent HAD to sell.  God brought just the right family and it sold. I learned more about praying with persistence and with endurance through those 2 years than any other time in my life.  I learned that God's timing is NEVER my timing and that I don't have a clue what He has in store for me - I just have to trust Him. He gave our family the most beautiful rental house last Spring on the Island, complete with a swing set in the backyard and a separated living room for my piano and music stuff. Today has been a really tough day for so many people and my heart breaks for them. For me, today has been a reminder of God's lavish blessings that I really don't deserve.

Finding our groove

Img_7899Img_7901 1 year ago today, LowCountry Community Church-Hilton Head Island opened its doors (Well, the doors of the 7th Day Adventist Church we were renting, but you get the idea). Today, we held services in our OWN permanent location on the Island where we have been for 3 months.  Our festivities are being postponed for a couple of weeks due to the threat of Hanna (which turned out to be nothing, thank God). Today was just a good day.  My service producers, audio guys, and video team are OWNING it...shooting video, editing pieces, tweaking our service elements, buying new speakers (yeah!), and keeping me on my toes on Sundays. The band is coming together now with the addition of a new drummer and bass player and we are really starting to click.  I felt it know what I'm talking about...that place where things are really starting to find their groove and your team is understanding what it is all about. Sometimes in church planting, there are real serious times of loneliness. I have felt it at times this past year. I didn't really know any musicians or creatives here on the Island and that was very discouraging at times. But I have prayed and God has strategically brought each creative and musician to this church campus in HIS time.  When I look at the incredibly talented people around me, I just cannot believe that this wasn't here a year ago. Even better, this team has become more than just creative people that I serve with in ministry...they have become friends.  Today, I really felt like it was all of us moving toward a common goal...creating a worship environment that "Honors God and Inspires People" as is our mantra at LCC. BTW, we had about 10 people sign-up to be baptized(at the beach!) and 3 people indicated they were believing in Christ for salvation for the 1st was just a good day.

Summer's over

Hilton_head_harbourtowngl LsutigersidtagToday marks the end of the tourist season on Hilton Head Island.  I can already see the difference in street traffic and 12 member families on bikes. Tourism is a HUGE industry here on the Island so I'm not knocking it.  I also love all the different people that I meet from all over the world between Memorial Day and Labor Day. However, my favorite time of year is Sept-Dec on the Island. First of all, you cannot beat the weather. Secondly, there is just not an issue with people going the wrong way on 278 or in traffic circles causing me to swerve and almost hit things (yes, this has happened). Yeah, summer's over, but my LSU Tigers are playing(and winning!) and I'm ready for the fall.