I'm not being rude, really

Congressman twittering during Obama's speech last night? Click here to read about it...

I have been twittering for over a year, but when I entered the wonderful world of iphone ownership about 2 months ago, I REALLY got into it.  Sometimes technology complicates life, but the iphone and twittering has enhanced my being a wife, mommy of 2, worship leader, creative soul, techy wanna-be life in a HUGE WAY. Todd and I LOVE to twitter and talk with ministry friends all over the world as well as just with each other. I get answers to questions faster and I learn from what others are saying.  I have also gone paperless...the wonderful NOTES app on my iphone looks like an actual legal pad and that is what I use in meetings now. SO much less clutter in my life.   I use the Youversion Bible App to do my daily Bible Reading and for sermon planning meetings.  However, I have been confronted with people that feel that my iphone use gives the "appearance" that I am not paying attention. Some people were offended at the twittering last night during the speech. Was that disrespectiful? I don't think so.  To the people who were following the twitters of their elected officials, I bet they felt more informed about where their guy/gal stands on the issues, instead of political rhetoric that they get from the news.  I am a multi-tasker. I can listen to what you are saying, make notes, get the info out to those who need to hear it, and keep listening to what you are saying.  I am just embracing technology.  I agree that if I am having a conversation one-on-one with you, IT IS RUDE! But in meetings or large groups listening and participating in dialog, let's ALL get in the conversation.  I'm not being rude, really...

What do you think?

Merry Christmas to me!

The bells began to toll on my new Palm Centro. Everything I needed to do, there was not a mobile app for it. So, my wonderful hubby bought me an iPhone! Thank goodness for a 30-day return policy on the Palm. I was worried about the coverage area on my iphone and so far, no problem. This is an amazing piece of technology. I'm out there, baby and I'm loving it!

Microsoft fires back


I'm sure you've seen the Microsoft ads with Seinfeld - yeah, they yanked them and went after Apple with a new set of ads in an attempt to change the "not cool" image that Apple has created of PC owners (I own both but love my MAC!) I applaud them on this new approach - I love Seinfeld, but those ads weren't cutting it.  Here's one of the new ones..

My Mac is sick

Images She is going to the hospital.  We don't know what is wrong, but hopefully she will feel better soon (Mac people know how I am feeling right now). I did lyrics for our service in POWERPOINT (is this 1998?). Our video computer for church is my Mac right now - I use ProPresenter. Good thing a black background and white text looks cool.  Todd is trying to convince me how cool is Windows Vista PC Notebook is to my MacBook Pro...what do you think?

ipod not

Appleipodnanofront I lost my really great drummer last week (he moved to the ATL), so I'm back to doing some loops for us (If you know a great drummer in the Savannah area, let me know!) Well, my 2nd gen ipod nano decided to just lock up today as I was going to our 2nd song and well, that's it.  Once a piece of gear has "bitten me" once, I'm done.  It is now being retired to being the event playlist ipod - he has lost his stage privileges. My video ipod will now get an "at bat."  Oh sweet live drummer, come soon!