Twittering for kids?

Logo Being a mother of 2 small children, I am very intrigued about how technology is shaping their lives even as preschoolers.  I'm all about protection and filters for my kids on the internet and  I REALLY think about what I show on videos that I post at cullenhouse (our family blog). However, they are growing up in a world where technology isn't something you avoid- it is an active part of life ( Look how Obama is taking McCain to task because he doesn't do e-mail). I twitter, but now my kids can?  Check this article out...

"IT would be easy to assume that the first month of Cameron Chase’s life followed the monotonous cycle of eat-sleep-poop familiar to any new parent. But anyone who has read his oft-updated profile on Totspot, a site billed as Facebook for children, knows better. Cameron, of Winter Garden, Fla., has lounged poolside in a bouncy seat with his grandparents, noted that Tropical Storm Fay passed by his hometown, and proclaimed that he finds the abstract Kandinsky print above his parents’ bed “very stimulating..."

Read the whole story here. What do you think?

Tomlin vs. the Laurie Berkner Band

Laurie05b Christomlinec03_2I purchased the New Laurie Berkner CD last week...Sydney and I are huge fans and we used to be Upper West Side neighbors with her in NYC.  The week before we moved, we attended her concert and it was awesome. I was very excited to get the new CD and we went to Walmart (I was going to download it, but Syd likes the packaging.) We get it in the CD player and the van is rocking! It is a terrific album.  Later that day, we are driving around and Sydney says, "I want to hear the 'Sing' song."  I said, " Are you sure?  This is so great!" She said, "The 'Sing' song is my favorite!"  So Chris, you win over the Laurie Berkner Band! "Sing Sing Sing" beats "Rocketship Run"

Do your kids have favorite songs that surprise you?

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Artists Rasing artists

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I recently read an interview with Angelina Jolie in the July 08 issue of Vanity Fair where she was asked several questions specifically about how she is raising her kids. I really resonated with this specific response to the statement that actors raise actors.  Here's what she said...“Artists raise their kids differently,” she said. “We communicate to the point where we probably annoy our children. We have art around the house, we have books, we go to plays, we talk. Our focus is art and painting and dress-up and singing. It’s what we love. So I think you can see how artists in some way raise other artists.” I totally agree!  From the time Sydney was born, I have intentionally given her an environment where she can express herself.  We paint, color, read, watch movies and discuss them, go to shows, play dress-up, sing, dance, make music. and have music playing ALL the time.  I started giving Sydney piano lessons this summer and she loves for me to play for her while she sings.  I'm not making her be an artist, it is just a way of life for us.

How do the arts invade your parenting?

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