A proud Blog Mama

We all have blog mamas and papas....Randy Elrod is my Blog Papa. He got me into this in February 2006. Actually, it was a year before that, but I was a slow starter.  This has moved from being something that I did (one-way) to a true community of people in conversation (two-way). I am very passionate about people sharing ideas, sharing their journey, and being in authentic community...that is why I love blogging. The online community has been amazing, but the face-to-face conversation that has been generated by my blog has been unbelieveable.   I've spent most of this week developing a campus blog for our core campus and tweaking our own campus blog. It has been a privilege to come alongside our Lead Pastor, Jeff, and help him start his blog this year (which, by the way, he was BORN to do this!) Our entire Hilton Head Island Staff are bloggers (ok, there are only 3 of us, but it is 100 percent participation!) I am also working with other staff on the Bluffton Campus over the next few months to help them become a part of this community.  Clay has ben a huge help as a fellow blogger since he knows A LOT more about CSS than I do and has a great eye for design.  I've had a blast this week!  Check these out...Todd Cullen
Jeff Cranston     Barb Weatherwax     LowCountry Community Church - Hilton Head Island Campus Blog
LowCountry Community Church - Bluffton Campus Blog

Blog Tweaking - #2

I'm leaving comments everywhere...I'll be honest, so many of you have commented from time to time over the last 2 years on my blog, and I am a moron...I would not respond. That is changing. It is not that I didn't appreciate your thoughts, I just would not keep the conversation going. I've already had more conversation this week than I have ever had and I hate that I have missed out so much. But, it's a new day here at cheval glass...let's talk.

Blog Tweaking - #1

About_logo Today, I am beginning a series called "Blog Tweaking." I will be sharing new insights that I have discovered which may not be profound, but are new practices for me. I will update you on my progress as I tackle these new initiatives.

#1 - I am building my Google Newsreader to include 100 blogs that I will read daily. 

What are you doing to "tweak" your blogging style?