Aaron Sorkin on Facebook

244sorkinaaron092706 So my favorite screenwriter is now on Facebook. Well, he is actually doing a movie about it...Click here to join Aaron Sorkin and the Facebook movie.  Here's a little of what he said...

"I've just agreed to write a movie for Sony and producer Scott Rudin about how Facebook was invented. I figured a good first step in my preparation would be finding out what Facebook is, so I've started this page. (Actually it was started by my researcher, Ian Reichbach, because my grandmother has more Internet savvy than I do and she's been dead for 33 years.)"

Admit it and move on

Studio60_hires_logo Being the Sorkin fan I am, I was very disappointed when Studio 60 got canceled last year. I had so many engaging conversations about Christianity and Hollywood BECAUSE of that show when I lived in NYC with people who respected the writing and were intrigued with the storyline.  When Sorkin was asked about it, he just came out and said "Our show failed in a big way."  Here's an excerpt...

"I don't know how to emphasize this enough that I'm not disappointed or upset with anyone but myself. There are only two possible reasons for 'Studio 60' failing -- it was either my fault or it was just one of those things. On some shows, you can make mistakes and still survive. But with this one, I made too many mistakes for it to survive." CLICK HERE to read more...

Am I willing to look the world in they eye and say, "I messed up!" ? I believe when I am able to admit my creative shortcomings and move on to new creative ideas, I truly "get" the creative process.

Is this hard for you or is it just me?


I learn so much from Aaron Sorkin.  I love the way he writes on leadership, relationships, and religion. Granted, I do not agree with his view on everything, but the way in which he speaks through his characters in these three areas has taught me more in some ways than reading books on these subjects. He also makes me uncomfortable because he's right sometimes and I don't like it.

I love this scene from "The West Wing" Season 3 because President Bartlet says what unfortunately we do from time to time as worship leaders and pastors - We butcher it. Here is Sorkin's opportunity to let us know how he feels about it. I wonder how many people leave services that I design and feel the way that he felt. Have you ever been the "Hack" or the one that heard "the hackery?"

Disclaimer: After President Bartlet gives a Sinatra rendition, you can stop the clip. If you don't want to, I do not take responsibility for the one bad word he says very shortly after that...you were warned.