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My Favorite Christmas Moments of 2012

Operation:Merry Christmas, Neighbor!

IMG_5322  IMG_5327  For the past few years, we have made cookies for all the neighbors on our street at Christmas.  We include an invite card to a Christmas Eve Service at our church as well.   This year, I included a small little note from our family with a black and white photo and thanked them for giving us such a great neighborhood experience.  We also thanked them for watching out for our kids who ride bikes and play in the street! Some years, we have made cookies from scratch. This year, we baked mixes and had a blast as a family doing this together.

Because of the rain this week, we did bakery bags and placed them in mailboxes. I'll never forget watching the kids as I drove from house to house, hanging out the window and putting these in our neighbor's mailboxes (disclaimer: make sure you neighbors are ok with this!) 

In the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, I know how hard it is to try to find moments to help our families experience the joy of giving to others.  However, I would encourage you.  This tradition that we do as a family has become something the kids talk about and see as a part of our Christmas celebration each year. We don't know all of our neighbors as well as we would like, but this has given us an opportunity to do something every year to connect with them.

I encourage you to find ways to connect with people this time of year and that you share the love of Christ with them. It has been SUCH a blessing for us to do as family.  And yes, I made extra cookies for us which we have enjoyed...very much.