My Favorite Christmas Moments of 2012

Looking back

TG4A6087 2012 was a year of such highs and lows. When I look back, I have very mixed  feelings about this year. It is so important to take the time and be thankful for all the wonderful blessings of the past year. I've tried to take some time over the holidays to do that...personally and with my family. However, I also don't want to think about the suffering of people around me this past year and the tragedies we all faced. In light of that, I'm ready for a new year...a fresh start.

In some ways, there were some "firsts" for our family...

We saw God do amazing things in the life of our church through 24 plus people meeting Jesus for the first time. We saw relationships restored and we experienced such great community in our own Life Group this Fall. We saw God provide every dime for the renovations for our new facility and the resources to take on the new responsibilities of our new facility.

 Photo12 As a family, we lost our precious Watson, a maltese of 13 years, but were blessed with a new member of the family, Kokomo, a two year old Malti-poo. We saw our kids learn the importance of prayer more this year than ever before. We are far from the parents that we want to be sometimes, but we were able to spend more time this year as family in prayer than ever before. We had some amazing times together as a family just having fun, eating at our favorite restaurants, being at home together, watching movies...just being a family.

We are so thankful that our brother-in-law, Jonathan, is cancer-free and had his liver port removed successful this December. Thanks be to God!

Looking back, I have so much to be thankful for in my blessed beyond measure.  At the same time, my heart is heavy for those who are hurting right now...Newtown, CT and other places in the world where tragedy has struck. I'm also praying for my friends who I know need a fresh start in 2013...praying that God gives them the strength and grace for the days ahead.

Tonight, we will ring in the New Year with friends from our Life Group and enjoy being together (and watching LSU whip the lesser Tigers...) I'm thankful for friends to do life with each and every day and the family God has given me.  

Putting every emotion aside of 2012, I can't imagine life without my relationship with God who sustains me through good days and tough days...HE is the constant no matter what 2013 will bring.

Happy New Year!