Sunday Recap
Sunday Recap...with a twist

Sunday Recap

I should have been more prepared.  We are in a  Message Series called "Illuminate" and I've noticed that anytime Todd  does a message or a series about sharing your story of your encounter with Jesus, we get hit hard on the home front with spiritual warfare BEFORE it. I felt such a darkness in my spirit on Saturday and all four us were at odds with each other. I went to bed feeling so defeated. Then on Sunday, I realized Todd was taking a good portion of his message to share the story of Jesus and encouraged Christ-followers to share their story of their encounter with Jesus with their pre-Christian friends. We had four people accept Jesus as their Savior in the services!

ChristineCynthia3 - Copy Christine led and did a great job (especially for being 6 months pregnant!) I enjoyed playing acoustic and keys and so LOVE doing the BGV thing with another Worship Leader! We had a such a great time in our devotional time during the first service. We were talking about what we worship and how we become that in life and what are the guardrails that we have in place to keep us on track.  That time with the team is becoming a highlight of my Sunday experience!

Here was our setlist:

Alive in Us


Children of the Light


Forever Reign

Video Bumper


Bless the Lord (10,000 Reasons)

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