Sunday Recap
Sunday Recap

Sunday Recap

I'm still just settling into this new routine with worship leading. My life is so different now because I only lead worship on my own once a month now.  I look so forward to it and I really feel that I lead so much more passionately because I am so much more prepared being " a part" of the worship leading team.  This has been a great transition and I'm so thankful for Steph, Christine, Daniel and Deb - our awesome Worship Leaders at HHICC!

Here was our setlist:

"Children of the Light"


"Salvation is Here"

Worship Video 

"It's You"

Video Bumper


"Your Love so High"

Clogging/Dismiss (that's for you, JVo!)

One of my favorite moments from yesterday was during our team prayer and devotions during the first service. Our newest guitar player, Sam, had this HUGE smile on his face. I was so curious and so I asked him, "Sam, why are you smiling?" He looked at me said, "That was SO much fun. I'm having so much fun!" My heart just skipped a beat having this high school student be so excited about being a part of this. He arrived at 6:45 am yesterday morning for a 7:15 downbeat. I was moved by his enthusiasm and also humbled by his servant's heart.

People really participated yesterday. I love choosing songs that allow them to sing out with all their hearts! It was a great day of worship together!

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