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Sunday Recap

It's been a whirlwind these past few months as we have moved in our new facility at HHICC. In addition to that was the release of our FIRST Worship CD, "You Alone." You try to not let these things all happen at once...yeah, nice try.

With all that said, I'm finally settled and back here at cheval glass to share what God is doing at our church and how he is using our corporate worship experiences on Hilton Head Island.

I "officially" made the transition to "one of the worship leaders" at HHICC in August. I have an INCREDIBLE team of volunteer worship leaders who absolutely do an amazing job leading and facilitating corporate worship for our church. I play and sing most every week in some capacity but I'm only "leading" about once a month now and I am LOVING it! My greatest asset to this team is musically bringing everything together and being (as I call it) a wingman for whoever else is leading. I truly enjoy those opportunities SO much.

Yesterday, was my Sunday to lead and I so enjoyed preparing for that service. I love incorporating Scripture Reading between songs that connect people to the Word of God and to musical offerings that confirm and celebrate those truths. Here was our service:

God is Able


Forever Reign

Scripture Reading - Romans 8:29-39(THE MESSAGE)

Your Love So High

Video Bumper


Revelation Song

I did a lot of "off the mic" moments where I just let the congregation sing and it was powerful.  I so desire when I lead worship for it to be a participation experience and not a spectator experience.   I find when I do that toward the end of song and just take myself out of the equation, they enage and become a part of the worship experience in a much more meaningful way.

I'm so proud of our college and high school students who are really stepping up to the challenge as guitar players with our team. They are just amazing! Since we went back to two services, we have started meeting as a Life Group during the first service over breakfast provided by our AWESOME Hospitality Team (you guys rock!). We are discussing "The Air I Breathe" and praying together. It's been wonderful to connect like that every week.

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