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My view is changing

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My absence from cheval glass these past few months has been largely because of our new facility  project that we are involved with for our church. For those of you that have done a facility project, it's like having another job in addition to the one you are already doing. It's an awesome thing to be a part of but it will wear you out!

I'm breaking my silence to share a few things that I've been thinking about alot as we enter this new facility in the next 14 days.

If you lead any ministry that has weekend or Sunday responsibilities, you have a weekly process of things that you do on the same days the same way. For me, Sunday comes every six days. Profound, isn't it? Thursday is my big day.  I bring everything together from the week on Thursday... a full lid. I realized this past week that this was final Thursday routine in our current facility at 21 Office Park Road. It hit me like a ton of bricks. For me, this is sacred time. I'm the only one in the Worship Center during this time and it's very special to me. I pray over the seats and all the service details. I rehearse for the services. But what hit me this week was all the great conversations I 've had with God over the last four years in that room.  It's been quite a ride...

We renovated this office space into a corporate Worship Space that has about 143 chairs.  It's hot usually because we can't get the air to cool it down enough.  The stage is 8 inches high. We have a 10 foot ceiling. When I lead worship, I'm practically looking straight into the eyes of people sometimes (yeah, I am vertically challenged..).  We have 3 flat screen TVS that everyone in the band has hit their heads on at some point in the past four years.  Everything about this room in many ways screams uncomfortable.

But, this is my favorite worship space that I have ever had the privilege to be responsible for in the last 20 years. One whole side of the wall is glass that looks out over a lagoon and a nature preserve. Yes, we see deer and alligators during services. There once was a guy fishing out there during a service.

I'm not taking ANYTHING away from the blessing of our new facility. HEAR ME! I'm thrilled about what God has given us DEBT-FREE! It's amazing and HIS timing is perfect.

But...I feel in many ways that a lot of the pieces of my worship ministry life fell into place in that room.  God revealed so much to me about myself and my misconceptions of being a worship leader. I learned to play acoutic and electric guitar in that room.  I cut a record in that room (to be released August 26, 2012!) Some of my favorite musical moments in my life have happened in that room.

My view is changing. I'm ready for what God has in store for me. But, it was a great view. I will always remember these four years in that space as some of the most sweet times of personal conversation with God and great corporate worship experiences for our church.

Now the next chapter begins...


I know you didn't have to ask me out the second time. I broke one of the most important "first date" rules...I railed on my past boyfriends. You just listened. Quietly. I didn't understand why you kept waiting for me after my 10:40 class on Tuesdays. I tried to ignore you sometimes. I know you knew I was doing that. You didn't give up on me. You told me one cold night with a rose in your hand that you weren't going anywhere so I just needed to stop trying to get rid of you. I got the message. Now, 17 years later, you still want me around. Thanks for not giving up on me. Thanks for sharing your life with me. I love You.