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Sunday Recap

Easter Week Recap

I've realized after being a part of almost 20 Easter Week preparations for churches that the key to it NOT being some overwhelming is a word I already mentioned...preparation. Of course, that goes without saying on the programming side of things, but I'm speaking primarily of myself...personal preparation. I made a huge effort this year to prepare myself spiritually from the start of Lent through Easter Weekend. I really enjoyed the YOUVERSION reading plans for Lent and for Easter Week. I'm so thankful for my Bible app! When Sydney saw me reading the Bible on my phone, she asked me when she could have an iPhone to read her Bible...nice try :)

I also did a much better of job of pacing myself with the preparation so that I enjoyed it emotionally and physically. With that said, it paid off. This was one of my FAVORITE Easter week's in my ministry life!

You can check out my service plans here:

Palm Sunday -

IMG_3898 Maundy Thursday -

  • I have not done a piano/vocal worship leading experience since we started HHICC almost five years ago. Since we decided to move our Maundy Thursday experience to a night service and make it a corporate time instead of a self-led time, I felt it was a great opportunity to do something very simple. I truly enjoyed it and I think it was refreshing for our Christ-followers to have that time to relfect on the suffering of Christ.

Community Good Friday 

  •   This service is held at  St. Luke's and several other Island churches come together to reflect on the seven last words of Christ over a three hour span. People come and go as needed during this time.  Each Pastor takes a word and then a musician complements that teaching with a song selection. Todd's word was "Today, you will be with me in Paradise." I sang "I Can Only Imagine" as I knew that would be something very familiar to most people. St. Luke's has a beautiful sanctuary and I realy enjoying singing and playing on their beautiful black grand piano. It has become a family tradition for Easter Weekend to be a part of this service.

Easter Weekend Set-up

  • We had Classic Party Rentals set-up a tent and chairs on Friday. BP's company, Innavation, provided all the production set-up and got going on Saturday morning. Sound check was at 3. It was a great process!

IMG_3923 Soundcheck on Saturday

Easter Sunday -

  • I was so proud of our Guest Services Team on Easter. They REALLY stepped it up. Our new GSD, Dani, is doing such a great job! She had the oppportunity to go to Unleash with me in March and I totally saw the fingerprints of that experience all over our Guest Services Team!
  • I can't say enough about our musicians and production team. They make it SUCH a privilege to sing and play every week.  The best part is that we are friends in community together. I feel very blessed to have the team I have here at HHICC. Special shout out to my TD, BP. He's an amazing musician and production leader. He MADE it happen this weekend!
  • We saw 15 people become Christ-followers from Palm Sunday to Easter and our attendance was off the charts of 444 adults and kids. Our weather for Easter was TRULY perfect. Cool and breezy - no bugs and it NEVER even felt warm for our "covered environment."

Image  2nd Service

Family Reflections - Todd and I had some great time with Syd and Sean talking about the entire Easter Week experience.  Sydney became a Christ-follower a couple of years ago, but her faith has started to take root as she matures and understands how God has created her for a purpose and that He loves her so much. We read the entire Easter story from Luke 22-24 on Friday night. She had never heard the story of the couple on the road to Emmaus and thought that was unbelievable that Jesus disappeared right in front of them!

IMG_3943 IMG_3966
I pray your Easter experience was truly amazing and that you were able to focus your heart and mind around the wonder of the cross and the power of Christ's Resurrection for you!