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Reflections for Catalyst One Day

Images  Todd and I attended Catalyst One Day this past Monday in Atlanta.  I attended the first Catalyst many years ago (you do the math!) and this was my first One Day Event. It was jam packed with so much leadership training in a short period time. Andy Stanley and Craig Groeschel did a great job trading off sessions as well as working together in the Q & A time. They are two very effective leaders yet very different. For me, that was the most enjoyable part of the experience...hearing and witnessing their differences as communicators and leaders.  It just affirmed for me how style and personality are what make all of us unique as leaders, however, there are some key ingredients that make a good leader and allow you to truly influence your organization to go to the next level. 

I highly recommed attending one of these Catalyst One Day Events very soon! Here were some of my take-aways straight from my notes and from Andy and Craig.

  • "Healthy cultures never happen by accident. They are created."  - CG. This just affirmed for me the importance of intentionality with all my decisions and what I say "yes" to for our organization. "What we value determines what we do."  - CG. If we do an event or start a ministry, it needs to be a direct reflection of our values. Otherwise, we are busy "doing stuff" but not supporting our values as a church.
  • "Healthy and productive staff cultures are characterized my mutual submission.  The message of mutual submission... 'I'm here to facilitate your success regardless of where either of us shows up on an organizational chart.' The assumption of mutual submission: while our responsibilities differ, we are both essential to the success of this enterprise." - AS.This was my favorite session. Andy talked about Mark 10:32-46. If we want to be Christ-like leaders, read this passage and realize the importance of serving others as you lead. 
  • Craig talked about the importance of self-awareness as a leader. This was a very soul-searching session.  Three things about self awareness...1) We as leaders have a limitless capacity for self-deception. 2) The longer we believe lies, the harder it is to hear the truth. 3) The leader's lack of self-awareness is the leader's greatest barrier.
  • Andy's last session on creating a "Come-and-See Culture" was great as a Service Programming Director.  My favorite part was three questions to ask for evaluation of every environment...1) Was the context appealing? 2) Was the presentation engaging? 3) Was the contet helpful?

These were definitely just highlights for me. I left encouraged and challenged as a leader to take my ministry to another level. I also left with a desire to be more introspective at the same time as to my habits and attitudes as a leader.  We ended the day with a Night of Worship from North Point Music.   It was such a great worship experience and such a treat to be led in worship as a participant!  Our night cap was a pre-screening of Blue Like Jazz the Movie. This is a very insighful film. If you loved the book, you will definitely enjoy this movie!

To top the entire day off, we saw SO many friends from all over the Southeast and were able to reconnect with them. I don't think we could have squeezed anymore into one day!