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The human element

My poor kids...their mom can be crazy at times. As we watched the Grammy's on Sunday night, I started jumping up and down and shouting, "Come on Dave... you tell them!" and other things that expressed my GREAT pleasure. It was David Grohl's acceptance speech. If you didn't see it, take a moment and watch it here.

I love technology. It's definitely a good time to be alive. But, as David said, "The human element of making music is what's most important."

As a worship leader, I love that we have incorporate elements like loops and the ability to layer instruments with our live musicians. It's a great tool and allows for some great musical moments. However, I will say that one of my favorite worship moments was a few months ago when my Mac Book Pro crashed and we had no click, no loops. Musically, it wasn't the tightest set of songs and we had some improv that wasn't perfect either. However, there was a sense of oneness...the human element...that connected us to that worship set.

The ying and yang of this debate is good. I like the pull that technology and the human element have in their ability to co-exist. However, I fully agree with David..."...learning to do your craft - that's the most important thing..." and we have a responsibility as artists to fully give our craft EVERYTHING we have. As Christ-followers...It's all for HIM!

If you have any thoughts on this, please comment here. I'd love to hear it!

5 years

IMG_5096 IMG_3441 It was a very cold day on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. I had been looking forward to this day for about 3 weeks once the doctor told me. "Sean is coming on February 5." It wasn't the greatest pregnancy and I spent the last four weeks on bedrest. February 5...I couldn't wait!

My baby boy turns five today. It has gone so fast and I just gets faster. Happy Birthday, Bubby. I love your competitive spirit (where did he get that from?) and your desire to learn new things all the time. I love your sweet smile, how you twist your hair, and the way you still like me to give you a "squishy hug." You'll always be my baby boy...I love you...