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Sunday Recaps...the past two weeks

It has been a whirlwind the last couple of weeks as we have made this transition to Hilton Head Island Community Church. It has been exciting and exhausting...there, I said it. There is so much excitement and momentum that it's been overwhelming at times to decide what are the best choices for us here and now. Our fall is filled with great opportunities for people to connect with God, others, and the community. Our prayer as a staff team has been that people will jump in with both feet and not sit on the sidelines. We are already seeing it happen and we are so thankful!

September 11 was the 10 anniversary of the attacks on the WTC, Pentagon, and Flight 93. It was also our first Sunday as HHICC. It can be difficult to celebrate and to reflect, but I feel that we did create a service that allowed for both to co-exist. Here was our service order:

"Counting on God" - New Life Worship

Welcome - Announcements

"Everlasting God" - Lincoln Brewster version

"Your Love Never Fails"  - Jesus Culture

VIDEO - "FREEDOM " (This was a piece that our video editor created at the church I was serving as Worship Arts Director in Atlanta when 9-11 happened. Thanks to NorthStar Church and James Milans for the use of this video.)


"Revelation Song"

"Our God"

Todd was able to talk personally about our response to 9-11 as a family in that we were called to go to NYC to be a part of a church plant from 2005-2007 that was based out of an initiative called "New Hope New York"  because of the attacks of 9-11. With that, Todd shared how we as new church on the Island are going to be a place where those who suffer can find rest, relief, and redemption.

Yesterday, we picked up again with our series "Old School" looking at the lives of Old Testament characters. Todd talked about what our response should be to suffering, especially if we don't feel we deserve it. Here was our service order:

"Marvelous Light" - Charlie Hall


VIDEO - PROMO - VIBE MESSAGE SERIES  (Vibe is our middle and high school ministry - this is the video series they will be doing this fall.)

"Your Love Never Fails"  - Jesus Culture

Scripture Reading - Psalm 96

"No One Like"  - Tad Tatum (NewSpring Church)



"Grace Flows Down" - Chrisy Nockles

"Blessed Be The Name of the Lord" - Redman

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