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Sunday Recap - The Benefit of God's Character

We wrapped up our Splendor Series this week with "The Benefit of God's Character." We focused on how God's faithfulness through the ages is what guarantees His faithfulness for all time. I really felt that during this time that we are making this transition into becoming Hilton Head Island Community Church, I want our worship times to be familiar and epic. Big songs that remind us of God's faithfulness and familiar to us so that we can sing them without worry about words or chords. The band had a great time this week, I sensed, because they were familiar with the material and it gave us the opportunity to linger in different places like during "Sing Sing Sing" and "Agnus Dei." The congregation sang so well and really participated! We were at capacity in our Worship Center in the 2nd service. It was really hot, but exciting! Here was our setlist... (Click on the song to take you to a youtube video and more info on dowloading it for yourself - that was for my @hhichurch peeps!)

"Salvation is Here"

"Sing Sing Sing"


"Mighty to Save"

"Agnus Dei"



Spoken Word - Written and Performed by Gloria Moss


You can watch Gloria's piece here...

The Benefit of God's Character from HHI Community Church on Vimeo.

It was a wonderful experience to have someone like Gloria who is gifted in writing and performing to deliver this piece. The video doesn't do it justice (shot on my iPhone!) but it was truly a beautiful way to wrap up this series. I wish this series was two or three weeks longer. It has been SUCH a wonderful series to pray through and plan with our team.

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Sunday Recap - Are we Listening?

Splendor Logo  We are in week two of a three-week series called "Splendor." We are taking the massiveness of God and breaking it down into three specifics that we can connect with as Christ-followers. Week one was "The Beauty of God’s Creation." This week, it was "The Blessing of God’s Covenant" and Todd talked about how God communicated to His people under the Old Covenant and now how He speaks under the New Covenant. Our take-away was the importance of creating space in our lives for God to speak...for us to create margin and silence to hear from Him.

Here was our setlist:

"Friend of God" - Israel Houghton

Welcome/Announcements - We introduced our new Family Pastor. Rob Minton and his family!

"Chosen Generation" - Chris Tomlin

Scripture Reading - Psalm 116

"Here is our King" - David Crowder



"Running" -  Gateway Worship - V, C,V, C, C

Time of Prayer - Todd gave everyone just a few moments of quiet to listen to God - not to talk to Him or request anything - just listen - I underscored on keys....

"Running" - Full version


I purposely made the last song very repetitive and longer than normal to give everyone time to not worry about words and to also be still and listen. It was very different, but I felt it really communicated the point.

Debbie and Daniel Cort led worship with me as well as Randy and Macy. We are so blessed with gifted artists at HHICC! Our tech team did a great a job and most of all, we just really have a WONDERFUL time together using our gifts and being in community.

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a new chapter

My silence the last month here at cheval glass is not reflective of a boring say the least. The last couple of months have been filled with chapters closing, new ones opening, and great opportunities for the future.

Our Lead Pastor, Jeff Cranston, and our Elders came to a unanimous decision with Todd's support about the future of the Hilton Head Island Campus. After the growth of the last four years, our financial stability on our own since May 2010, and the amazing Miracle Offering that was given in May from our Campus toward our new facility, it was announced that the Island Campus where Todd and I have been serving the past four years will become its own independent church on Sunday, September 11, 2011. I have been serving as the Worship Arts Director over both of our campuses - Bluffton and Hilton Head Island - for the past 18 months. With this transition, I will be returning to the Island and overseeing Environments and serving as the Worship Leader for the new church, Hilton Head Island Community Church.

CLICK HERE to read the amazing letter from Pastor Jeff and to hear Todd's announcement. They did such an incredible job sharing this with our church!

This morning, Todd and I led the service at our Bluffton Campus and were able to share with our "mother" congregation about the transition and to express our gratitude for their prayers, support, encouragement, and generosity these past four years.  I have loved getting to know our Bluffton Worship Arts Team over the past 18 months and they have been such a blessing to me this past year, especially in establishing our Worship Community - a.k.a. - Worship choir.  Eric Abney, who I hired in March to work alongside me, has become the new Worship Arts Director at LCC and I know he will do an AMAZING job in this role. We will continue to share resources between our teams as sister churches and we have linked our PCO accounts so we can share volunteers and resources more easily. Eric and I will also rotate leading worship between our churches periodically.

I look forward to sharing here at cheval glass about our journey in this new chapter as we see what God has for us. We are going to change the tone of 9-11 this's going to be about celebrating a new day and new opportunities for the Kingdom of God on Hilton Head we go!