Something Amazing


IMG_2612   It's hard for me to believe that 16 years ago today was my wedding day. There are moments that it feels like yesterday and moments that seem like it happened in another lifetime.

It's a big deal. Not only have I been married that long, but I actually still LOVE the guy! Based on what I see around me and what I watch happening in our culture, I'm celebrating! Every year we are together I treasure even more celebrating our anniversary.

The winding road of marriage is never uneventful for us. From nine years  of "just the two of us" to the past seven of having our seven year old daughter and four year old son, our life is an adventure. I would not be honest if I didn't say that outside of God's grace and faithfulness in our lives, we wouldn't be celebrating today. When two flawed people joined their lives together, there is bound to be some struggles. However, I write this blog with such joy and excitement at the days ahead in my marriage and the seasons of life that we have before us.

Todd, you are my best friend. You love me for who I am even when that person is unloveable. You are kind, compassionate, and a nurturing husband. You have given me two beautiful children and have filled my days with excitement and adventure. I love doing ministry alongside you and our best days are ahead. I love you more, honey...