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Sunday Recap - COLLIDE Message Series

Collide 3 chromed We kicked off our Pre-Easter Message Series this week. We are looking at four people whose lives collided with Jesus while He was on this earth. We started with Pilate this week. Here was our setlist:

"Marvelous Light"


"No One Like" (new song by Tad Tatum from NewSpring Church)

"Christ is Risen" - Matt Maher



"A Beautiful Collision" - Crowder

I've started leading the songs over the next few weeks that I want to do on Easter so that the Island Campus will know them really well by that Sunday morning. We are doing one service in a giant tent at the Island Campus. It's gonna be great!

Join me at the Worship Community for more Sunday Recaps...

Reflections from #unleash11

image1849765768.jpg This was my third time attending Unleash and in my opinion, it was the best! I was able to take my WAM Staff with me and we had an unbelieveable 48 hours together - dreaming, sharing, and getting to know one another. Here were some highlights:

Five things to get our vision right - Perry Noble - from Matthew 25

1. We must make Jesus the END GOAL of all that we do.

2. We must be more concerned with the outsider than the insider.

My favorite statement of the day... 

"We must not organize ourselves around the preferences of the already convinced."

3. We must help people establish a new identity.

4. We must be patient with people.

5. We must make it our mission to proclaim freedom in Jesus Christ.

1 Samuel  14 - Every leader faces fear - Perry Noble

I loved this story of Jonathan and his armor bearer from 1 Sam 14:1-23. Go read it here. Perry started with John 14:12 and Christ's promise that we would do "greater things." He gave three stages of a leader being able to do greater things:

1.Preparation - vv. 1-4 -God has not called us to play it safe.

2. "Perhaps" - v.6- Perry said that everytime he reads the Bible, he sees that it is perfectly normal to not know what happens next. As Jonathan said, "Perhaps the Lord will act on our behalf..."

3. Partnershp - v.7 -You can always submit to godly authority and trust God for the outcome. As Jonathan's armor bearer said "Do all that you have in mind,” his armor-bearer said. “Go ahead; I am with you heart and soul."

Other thoughts...

Shane Duffey - Creative Arts Pastor - In his breakout session, I love what he said about creativity...

"We must be committed to process and product but married to the vision."

The worship was terrific...Lee and the team led with such authenticity and energy. I was so encouraged! It is such a treat to be led in worship. I just took it all in!

Thanks to ALL the team at NewSpring for their fabulous volunteers and a great day of encouragement!

Change your language

You have heard the saying "It's not what you say - it's how you say it."  I've wrestled with this most of my adult life. Lately, I've been confronted with the importance of this saying in ways I haven't embraced before.

My six year old daughter does not like to clean her room. Not only that, she is quite the "free spirit" when it comes to her personal space. It drives me crazy. Last night, after 30 minutes alone in her room trying to clean it, we finally sent her to bed and told her she would have to finish it in the morning. The next day, she got up and finished. What we saw was not a clean room but a freshly decorated space that could have been a store front for a Toy Store. She had created little spaces for her dolls, places to sit and read, and a special reading section - all in a very small space. This changed it for me. I will no longer ask Sydney to "clean her room." I will ask her to go create an amazing place to play in her room for her dolls and herself. I'm changing my language.

I have a new staff member that we are working together to create a culture for our Worship Ministry. He has different gifts than I and I want to hear his ideas. We also want to make sure that we can agree to disagree. We have created language to discuss like."Try to convince me differently if I think..." Or " Give me a reason why you think..." This has already set an amazing tone for our working relationship.

I'm so glad I've embraced this. I can't wait to see what other "language" I will discover needs tweaking. Give it a try this week- you might be surprised.