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Night of Vision & Celebration Recap

About three times a year, we plan a Sunday night service at our Bluffton Campus that gives us a longer time to worship, pray, celebrate stories of life change, and hear from our Lead Pastor, Jeff. It was an AMAZING time!

At Recreate this year, I participated in a worship time led by 1211. They did their entire worship set on the main floor with all of us in a semicircle. You can see part of it by CLICKING HERE. It was such a worshipful, non-performance-like time that I wanted to try it at LCC. So we did!


We set-up in a semi-circle in the center of our Worship Center and arranged the chairs around us in a semi-circle. We used the stage for the interviews and for Pastor Jeff's portion, but all the worship was on the floor. Here was our service order...

Countdown - 2 MIN VIDEO:Worship

"Come, Now is the Time to Worship" - Vineyard

"Friend of God" - Israel Houghton

"Sing My Love" - Jesus Culture

Welcome/Prayer of Blessing/Celebration of Discipleship Stories at LCC - Pastor Bob

"Jesus is the Answer" - Andre Crouch


Pastor Jeff - Letters of life change/Interviews/ Vision Casting

Time of Prayer

"Inside Out" - Hillsongs

"Hosanna" - Brook Fraser

"Glory to God" - Steve Fee/Vicky Beeching

Those of us who manage the tension of multiple services, parking, and all those WONDERFUL things a thriving church faces need opportunities like this to exhale. There was no service after this one and we were not in a hurry - it lasted about 90 minutes. It was SO refreshing and our team had a wonderful time just worshipping together in a relaxed, casual atmosphere.

Pastor Jeff did a wonderful job of sharing his heart and being vunerable with us. I was inspired by his honesty and at the same time so thankful to be a part of what God is doing at LCC!

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