Sunday Recap
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Sunday Recap - Back in the saddle!

This past Sunday was my first time leading worship since Christmas Eve 2010...the longest break I have had in about three and a half years! I introduced a new song "I Will Follow" by Tomlin to our HHI Campus this week and they responded well. I know them so well and when they start bobbing their heads to the beat and smiling, I knew they were thinking "Ok, this is alright!"

I felt so refreshed and ready to facilitate worship! We are in the middle of a series on finances and Todd shared a lot of his personal struggle with finances over the years. You can hear it here.

I added a new vocalist to our HHI team - Katie. She is the wife of Luke who has already been singing and playing acoustic the last 18 months.  They both have such unique voices and I loved having the ability to trade off leading between the three of us. Luke led "Beautiful Lord" by Leeland during our Time of Response. I just can't get enough of that song and Luke does it so well. As it happens so often, the words so connected to Todd's take away from his message and I didn't know it would before I chose the song. I love it when that happens! "Center" has become a mantra of the Island Campus. I have led that song since we started as a church campus. I love hearing our people sing it out with all their hearts!

Here was our setlist:

"Come Now is the Time to Worship" - Vineyard


"Awesome is the Lord Most High" - Tomlin

"I Will Follow"  - Tomlin

Video: Message Bumper

Time of Response: Giving stations, Communion Stations, Prayer Station

"Beautiful Lord" - Leeland

"Center" - Hall

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