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Book Review - The Power of Respect by Deborah Norville

_76_125_Book.95.cover Deborah Norville tackles a huge issue in our society that she believe is disapearing from our fabric as people - respect. She uses humor, fact, and great stories to help us understand how respect is one of the most valuable character qualities that we can exhibit as people.

I started this book awhile back and I was so impressed with how well she communicated such simple truths through storytelling. When you read example of people who used the Power of Respect to change their circumstances for good, change their communities for the better - these were wonderful examples for me.

Deborah says that "The Power of Respect begins at home." I could not agree more with this statement. My favorite part was her top five things to do to raise respectful kids. I highly recommend putting these up somewhere. I think I am goign to put them on my refrigerator!

This is a must read. If you lead people, interact with people, have children, or in anyway have to deal with the human race, you need to read this book!