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Sunday Recap - Encounter Series Begins

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We began a new series this weekend entitled "Encounter...the God we worship." Dr. John Hull was our Guest Teaching Pastor at the Bluffton Campus to kick-off this series.  We are blessed to have Dr. Hull as a frequent communicator at LCC. Our Worship Community faciliated our worship with our band. It was an amazing day! Here was our setlist:


"Awesome is the Lord Most High" - Tomlin

"Salvation is Here" - Hillsongs


"Our God" - Tomlin/Redman

Video: ENCOUNTER Message Series Bumper

Message -  Dr. John Hull - Psalm 95

"Agnus Dei" - MWS

Offering Prayer

"Our God Reigns" - Passion

There was such a visible participatory response during the music portion of our worship time- something that I have not really seen before at the Bluffton Campus. A true sense of people responding to worship God through singing and lifting hands without being directed to respond. During "Agnus Dei" in all three services, I never asked anyone to stand and sing or do anything...they responded on their own as they felt led.

One of the most convicting parts of Dr. Hull's message was when he laid prostrate on the stage and talked about how this should be a natural reponse to the God we worship. If we are truly aware of the holiness and majesty of the God of the universe, we cannot help but fall on our faces before Him.

It doesn't matter how may times I have led worship over the past 15 years, I am always blown away at the spiritual refreshment that comes when God's people gather together and focus their hearts and minds on him. It is beyond words and only something you can experience. I truly left church yesterday not the same person I was that morning. I was spiritually encouraged, truly convicted on some levels about my own life, and challenged to pursue God on a more intimate basis.

Isn't that why we go to church every week?

How was your corporate worship experience this past weekend?

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