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Sunday Recap

HEA-blue  It was one of those Sundays when you just sensed it was going to be great day.  We are studying the Beatitudes and this week was about being a Peacemaker.  Steve Foxworth from Macon, GA spoke on the HHI Campus. He is the Executive Director of Sav a Life Ministries. We are good friends from a leadership camp we used to be involved with every summer together called IMPACT.  Here was our setlist:

"All Because of Jesus" - Fee



"Hear our Praises" - Hillsongs

"Reign in Us" - Starfield



Time of Response - Communion/Giving Stations open

"Beatiful Lord" - Leeland

"Your Name" - Baloche

Luke and I led worship together. It has been a really long time since we have had the opportunity to lead together.  Luke is a combination of Jack Johnson and Leeland all wrapped up in one person! I sensed that our musical offerings on Sunday were more than ever a response to God and His Grace. It was one of the days that I really sensed our people were engaging with God and things were happening in their hearts and minds between them and their Father.

Steve challenged us that true peace can only be found when we first have peace with God and then with others.  He encouraged us that absolute peace will not occur until we are united with Christ in Heaven, but on earth, we should make every attempt to pursue peace when it is in our abilities to do so. He taught us three magical words that can always begin the peace process...I forgive you.

During our Time of Response, I challenged our church not to receive Communion in the service unworthily. If they had yet to seek out forgiveness with others as the Bible tells us, I ask them to refrain and to seek out forgiveness this week with those persons they need restoration with in their hearts (I Cor. 11:27-29;Matthew 5:23-24). There was a sense in the room of real reflection and contemplation on a personal level. As Luke sang "Beautiful Lord,"  I was personally so moved in my heart when I considered the amazing gift of Jesus as THE Reconciler to God for me.

I always encourage our congregation at the beginning of every Sunday service that they have made the right choice to begin their week focusing their heart and mind on Christ by choosing to participate in a Worship Service.  I also pray very often over our church that we will not leave services the same people that we came into the service.  It happened for me and I truly believe that this happened for many of our people as well.

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My profile in Worship Leader Magazine


It was a honor and privilege to be asked by Worship Leader Magazine  to share about my journey as a Worship Leader and to share what God is doing at LowCountry. You can download the article below. A special thanks also goes to Nicole Fromm for putting the article together and for working with me on the content.  It was a joy to talk about my journey and God's faithfulness to me. It was also exciting to share what God is doing at LCC and how I have the amazing privilege to serve alongside SO many creative people. I am very blessed!

Download WL Article - CCullen - 09-10

HHCA Upper Middle School Retreat

IMG_1571 IMG_1572

Todd and I were asked to lead a couple of sessions at Hilton Head Christian Academy's Upper Middle School Retreat yesterday at New Ebenezer Retreat Center in Rincon, GA.  This was the first time Todd and I have been asked to do something like this together. I've led worship for retreats for about 13 years, but this was Todd's first time to speak at a retreat with me leading worship.  Todd actually had more "stuff" to bring than me! He brought all kinds of props for illustration purposes and since I play the acoustic guitar now, he didn't have to drag my keyboard with us! It was definitely a first for our family. We brought Sean D with us and he had a blast having all these girls saying all day "he's so cute!"

I was the exact age of these kids when I first remember God speaking to my heart about pursuing a relationship with Him. I was at GA Camp (Girls in Action, baby!) It looked very similiar to this retreat center. It was a little erie to me because I really don't feel like it was that long ago, but it was...and we will just leave it at that.

I loved middle school. I had a great best friend, Mindy, and we were both beginning to understand what it meant to read our Bible and talk to God. We shared with each other all kinds of things that we were learning.  My music really started to take off when I was in 7th and 8th grade and I was practicing all the time.  I think that is why I have such fond memories. I had a great friend to encourage me during that critical time in my life and my music was becoming a big part of my life.  I'm thankful for HHCA and the importance that they are placing on a personal walk with God. 

One of the activities during the one-day retreat was for each student to create their own spiritual journal for this year. I still have mine from middle school and I can't wait to show my kids one day when they are ready. I'm so thankful for my Christian heritage and that I had the opportunity to engage with God as a middle schooler. I wasn't perfect and I didn't always make the right decisions as a teenager. However, I did have a relationship with God, I knew that He loved me, and I had already begun to see how He had plan for my life through my music. It was an awesome privilege to be a part of the retreat, to be with these amazing students, and to have time to reflect on my own spiritual journey. It was a great day!


China-holding-hands-for-portfolio  I've been reading through "Jesus Calling" by Sarah Young the last month. It's a daily devotional with thoughts that truly draw you into a more intimate and personal conversation with Jesus. I've never read something that so closely draws Scripture into a personal conversation from Jesus to me. 

I've noticed a theme lately.  Jesus wants me to need Him desperately all the time. Oh, I know I need Him... "In our weakness, He is strong." The problem is that my thinking has been that this applies when we have a "moments" or "situations"  or "seasons" of weakness. Then they will pass and I will be strong again. Because at some point, Cynthia, you have to be strong, right?

I don't like to feel weak, do you? Do you think that our weaknesses may be the only thing that forces us to reach out and accept the hand of Jesus sometimes?   I'm accepting that I need to hold on all the time. Not just to get me out of a pit, but truly to never let go regardless of my circumstances. This may not be profound to you, but I'm experiencing some new and fresh moments of intimacy with my Savior right now that are uncomfortable but also so refreshing.

I'm in process right now with all this, but I encourage you to embrace weakness as a lifestyle. For me, I'm experiencing some freedom in some areas that I have never felt before because I'm not fighting it. Lean into it, friend, and allow the hand of the Savior to never leave yours. Be weak and be ok with it.

"In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express." - Romans 8:26 (NIV)