Sunday Recap

Sunday Recap

OLDSCHOOLLOGO  We are in Week Four of our Message Series entitled "Old School" and we discussed the life of Jonah this week. We focused our worship on God's mercy, redemption, and that He is the God of second chances. We introduced Carlos Whitaker's new song "God of Second Chances" into our corporate worship repertoire and used it as a song of reflection after the Message.

It was the last week with our third Worship Intern from Liberty, Luke Crouterfield. We only had the opportunity to play and sing together twice this summer as he was usually leading worship on the opposite campus that I was so it was a great way to end the summer together. Here was our setlist:

"Counting on God/Because of Your Love" - New Life Worship/Paul Baloche

(we do this drum solo between the two songs. It helps us transition from the key of F to D.  It's one of our favorite arrangements!)


"Desert Song" - Brooke Fraser

Responsive Reading - Psalm 19

"We Crown You "- Fee

Video Bumper


"God of Second Chances" - Carlos Whitaker

Closing Remarks/Doxology

It was a great day of worship at the Hilton Head Island Campus!  Join me for more setlists at the Worship Community!