Sunday Recap
If life were lived on a cruise ship...

Sunday Recap

We wrapped up our "Old School" series this week with the life of David. Pastor Jeff shared his five landing lights of discovering God's will...CLICK here to read more about it on his blog. Todd and I have used this SO many times in our lives at crossroads. I'm working on Pastor Jeff to put in a booklet...more to come on that:)

 We had an interesting day at the Bluffton Campus. Our lighting system has been giving us fits and we have had no success with any troubleshooting. We think we figured it out and it was just getting too hot in the amp room, but we will see:) It was resetting itself every 5-10 minutes during the first service. We kept the door open and that seemed to stabilize it.  Then the lightning and thunder started...In the second service, I leaned into my mic and got quite a shock on my lip and I started playing in a different key for about 5 seconds! In spite of all of this, it was a great day of worship and teaching.  Here was our setlist:

Call to Worship - Band -  Key of D (we all just played on a D and improved for about 60 seconds...a very cool opening!)

"Come Now is the Time to Worship" - Vineyard

Responsive Reading - Romans 8:1-17

"The Lord Reigns" - Klaus Kuehn



"Hosanna" - Hillsongs

VIDEO - Message Bumper


"Restless" - Audrey Assad (My new favorite worship song)

"Take My Life" - Tomlin

The team did an amazing job in spite of all the distractions. I am overwhelmed at the servant hearts of our team and their giftedness. It such a privilege to worship with them!

CLICK HERE to read some more setlists!