Sunday Recap

If life were lived on a cruise ship...

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* would be like a REALLY nice youth know..the bunk beds, small showers, everybody in line to do everything, safety drills, T-shirts that everybody has to buy, big show at night...BUT with a casino and drinking (at least we didn't do that in public at camp.......calm down......I'm just joking!)

 * ...we would wear all those clothes in the back of our closet that we say "it's perfect for a cruise, but I would never wear it at home."

 * ...we would eat 5 meals a days and not care about the calories, or what others thought about our 3rd trip to the dessert bar...'cause they are right behind you!

 * ...we would have less stress in our one has a job and the roughest thing you have to figure out today is just exactly when you should arrive at dinner so you don't have to wait in line.

 * ...someone would clean our room everyday and make towel animals for us.

 * ... we would never grow tired of shopping on the ship...they roll out new stuff every night!

 * ...we would have to move over to Monopoly money because we would not be able to afford all the things that we would be charging to our Sail and Sign Card. Dave would be so disappointed!

 * ...dinner would be a classy affair that was meant to be enjoyed in courses with conversation and in no hurry.

 * ...I would have to get a job playing with one of the bands...and then I would go insane and throw all the steel drums overboard!...........ok...I'm ok...

 * ...we would live out loud, laugh out loud, and spend time with our friends and family all the time...I'm not so sure that's a bad thing :)

 * Your turn...if your life was lived on a cruise ship _________?