Can't wait for the NWLC!
Opening night @ NWLC10

Sunday Recap

image344329135.jpgWe are kicking it Old School for the next few weeks @lowcountrycc. We started a five-week series on men and women from the Old Testament. We started with Ruth. It really spoke to me about the importance of individual responsibility in sharing what I have with those around me who are in need. Todd explained how "gleaning" in the fields was Israel's built-in answer to poverty- purposely allowing wheat to fall so others could come behind, like Ruth, and have food to eat. I am so excited that at LCC we are getting ready for our Make a Difference weekend in October, where we serve our community as well as provide free clothing through our Clothing Connection on both campuses. I love being a part of a church that makes this a priority every year!

Here was our setlist:

"Sing My Love" - Kim Walker Smith
"Sing to the King" - B. Foote
Welcome/ Announcements
"Hosanna" - Brooke Fraser
Video- Message Bumper
"How He Loves" - J.M. McMillan
"How Great Thou Art" - Chorus only

It worked really well coming out of "How He Loves" into "How Great Thou Art." The 6/8 thing worked very well and click, of course, helped with that whole transition. I do both of these songs in Gb (capo and a cut capo- 2nd fret- 1 fret between).

I am so proud of our 15 year old bass player, Macy. She has come so far in one year! Middle school orchestra definitely helped her have the ability to sight read (Thank you, band directors!) but I am so thrilled with her quickness in translating the material on the spot with very little rehearsal. It is quite a gift! Of course, her six year old sister is quite the singer already so there are some genetics going on there as well! Debbie did a fabulous job leading "Hosanna." It is such a joy to lead worship with her. Her talent is amazing, but it's her heart that I love the most. It was also a sad day as we said goodbye to our electric player, Michael, as he heads off to college. He has grown so much in the past year that he has played with us.

it is such an amazing privilege to see these students learn and grow as musicians and followers of Jesus. It is absolutely one of THE BEST parts of my job!

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