Sunday Recap
Day One Reflections @ NWLC10

Opening night @ NWLC10

image1815513073.jpgI'm sitting here in my seat ready for the National Worship Leaders Conference to start. I'm overwhelmed at the diversity. From teenagers up to our seniors... men and women....multi-cultural...multi-denominational. The Worship Leader Conferences I attended 15 years ago were not like this...we've come a long way. It's hard for me to not get a lump in my throat watching these people enter the room. This is my tribe...worship leaders. I don't know them, but we are connected by the passion we share for God and leading others into His Presence.

Phil Wickham and Keith and Kristen Getty gave us such a gift tonight...the rare privilege of us as worship leaders to be lead in worship. Steve Berger, Pastor of Grace Chapel, challenged us to embrace suffering in life. Instead of asking "why," he says we should ask "why not?" To truly know Christ, we must embrace suffering as a normal part of our lives. The worship team from his church lead us in responsive worship after Steve's talk. They were my favorite part of the evening. The songs they chose so perfectly connected to Steve's challenge to us and that made the worship experience so much more fulfilling and enriching. I can't wait to see what today will hold!

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