Day Two Reflections @ NWLC

Final Day @ NWLC10

I've learned one very powerful tool after attending conferences through the years...plan time to process what you have learned. I'm returning to the real world today and to a very busy schedule for the next couple of months so I played hooky from the sessions on Thursday so I could have the opportunity for some processing time. Some of these things relate to worship ministry and others are just things God revealed to me during the week.

1. My life is scheduled pretty much every minute of the day. Time management is the only way I can survive. However, in my scheduled time with God, I need to have a more spontaneous and Spirit-led flow to that time. I don't need to have any pre-conceived expectations other than knowing that I am spending time with my Heavenly Father. My goal-oriented, outcome-based, bottom-line driven motivation needs to be checked at the door! It's about being with Him...that's it.

2. I do not do ministry for Jesus- I do ministry with Jesus. Scotty Smith rang my bell on that one. It's walking and talking with Him as I work. It is being in constant communion with Him as I do ministry...side by side...hand in hand.

3. Church should be about Jesus. Our services should be about Jesus. If our attention is focused on the songs, the band, the lights, the video, the size of the crowd- we've missed it. It's about Jesus. Was Jesus celebrated? Did people meet Jesus? Did we worship Jesus? Was Jesus welcome? Did I have an encounter with Jesus as a worship leader? Was I prepared to hear from Jesus? These are the evaluation questions. It's about Jesus.

4. It is when I don't have the answers, when I can't plan my way through something, when I can't see what is coming that God finally gets to do His work in my life. As uncomfortable as that is for me, that is where He wants me right now.

The Song Discovery Team from WL Magazine, Starfield, and Israel Houghton closed out the evening. I have been a huge fan of Starfield and love their music. This was my first time seeing them live. They were up there in the top 3 or 4 for me this week. They were so transparent, enjoyed leading worship, great energy (they had us jumping!) and great songs of worship that focused us on Jesus and Him alone. Israel brought his team from Houston with him...yeah, I really don't have words to describe... From blues to jazz to reggae to was the most musically creative worship experience of the week. Israel's encouragement to us as worship leaders was the ending that I needed. He shared with how he understands the struggles of church ministry as a Worship Leader. He talked about how they are times that people can be critical and you don't feel encouraged (really?!?).But to all of that, He quoted from the prophetical source, Finding Nemo(ha!) Dori told Nemo..."keep swimming...keep swimming." As we sang the last line of "I have decided to follow Jesus," I just kept singing that line over and over,"No turning back, no turning back."

New responsibilities always bring new challenges and these past five months have been just that...a lot of challenges. But I am confident in the Creator's work in me and through me. One of my life's verses is Philippians 1:6. "Being confident in this very thing, that He who began a good work will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ." There's no turning back for turning back.

"And if our God us for us, then who could ever stop us? And if our God is with us, then what could stand against?" - from Chris Tomlin/Matt Redman's song "Our God."