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Sunday Recap - Church at home

Today was the last day of the Cullen Family "Staycation" and we spent the morning not driving to one or two different LCC campuses (which is what we normally do), but at home, worshiping together as a family. We take one maybe two Sundays off a year where our entire family is together, so this is a treat for us to not be serving on a Sunday, but to just be worshiping together as a family.

Todd fixed a great breakfast (his famous eggs and bacon on the grill!) and then we went to the living room to have our "church" time.  I was all excited about this today. Just the family together...and then it started.  Sydney started crying because I got out my guitar and she thought she had to sing by herself (she is "shy", she says!) Sean starts repeating "I want to watch Toy Story!" We explained to him that we were having church together at home. Then he started saying "I want to go to Promiseland! (Kudos, Barb and Vinnie!)...Todd looks at me - I look at him - yeah, this is going well :)

After I had a little "private" chat with Sydney (the 6-yr-old) and after Todd had a "quiet chat" with Sean (the 3- yr-old), and we explained as best we could what we were trying to do (and that we were going to the beach after this!)  We finally got things settled down and we started singing songs the kids knew. We did "Praise Him, praise Him, all ye little children.." Father Abraham, Kum Ba Yah, Jesus Loves Me, and the B-I-B-L-E. We ended with "How Great is Our God." Todd had Sydney read Luke 15 about the Lost Sheep from her new Bible she received for K-5 Graduation and then we read it from her Read with Me Bible from school.

As soon as we started talking about sheep and the sound they make, Sean proceeded to become a sheep from the rest of our "service" and we pretty much just let him be a sheep. Sydney began to really engage about the story and we closed it out with doing the devotional from Luke 15 from our family devotional book called Book of Devotions-The Beginner's Bible. Sydney really engaged with us and we found a great prayer to start doing together with her at her bedtime prayer time.

    " The Lord is my shepherd and I am His sheep. He watches over me even when I sleep. Watch over me, Lord as I prance and play. Watch over me, Lord, by night and by day. Amen."  pg. 136 - Book of Devotions-The Beginner's Bible.

Our "Church at home" experience was just that - a family experience. It's the greatest responsibility that Todd and I have as ministers to teach our kids that church is not where Mommy and Daddy work. It is so hard to do that. I grew up in a minister's home and it was hard to get that sometimes. So, for today, we made an honest attempt, it was fun, and a great way to end our vacation as a family.