It's just a number


Straight_as_an_arrow_sticker-p217645205628483388tdcj_210 My absence from Cheval Glass on a regular basis here is not because of lack of interest in blogging. I've been on another track. These last few months as I have embraced my new role at LowCountry as the Programming Director have been amazing. There have been days of hard work, learning brand new things, sharing new ideas, involving new people, but most of all...a huge investment of time. Now, as I look forward to a great week of vacation unplugged from my daily routine and ministry life, it is time to realign. Some big rocks have been moved over the last few months.  Here are just a few things our team has accomplished.

  • We moved our website to a web-based platform (Thanks to Luke at Hunger and Thirst Design).
  • We have trained and equipped an entire volunteer technical staff at the Bluffton Campus.
  • We are rotating players and singers between two campuses.
  • We are operating Pro4 as our video presentation software at both campuses.
  • Our most recent set design and logo were designed and implemented by volunteers.

I am so thrilled about our team and the journey ahead for us. I am so blessed to have the team of volunteers to serve with at LCC. However, the time has come for some personal realignment.  Realignment is defined as "to change the position or direction of (something) slightly usually in relation to something else." The something else for me is focused and scheduled personal development time. I hope to begin this week with some new things that I want to make a part of my life routine. I will be sharing about them over the next week here at cheval glass.

Would you pray for me? If you are a follower of Christ and are reading this, just say a prayer for me for the next seven days. I have great expectations for a tremendous week of realignment.