15 years

It's just a number

...at least that is what I keep telling myself today. I don't know why, but this birthday number is having a harder time rolling off my tongue. Why is that? Maybe it's because I led worship yesterday with a stage filled with people in their upper teens and twenties :) It was awesome, by the way!

For whatever the reason, it's been harder today than most birthdays. 26 was like this...because I knew I was closer to 30 than 20. Maybe it's the fact that I have a six year old now...I don't feel old enough to parent a rising first grader!

So, I'll just type it...here's to 37 more years (God-willing!). Thanks to ALL my friends and family who took the time to share their birthday wishes with me through Facebook. A special shout out goes to my birthday buddy, John Willyard, who happens to be the most amazing voice talent out there (CMA's, baby!). Here's a little greeting he made for me today...Thanks, John!

Till next year :)