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15 years

Sunday Recap - Preachin' and Singin'

This past Sunday was a very unique day for me. I lead worship and I taught the Message with my hubby Todd. We wrapped up our five-week series called "The Essentials" with our final core value - WORSHIP. It was such a privilege to share about my heart's passion and then to incorporate my heart as a mother into this teaching. CLICK HERE to listen to the message.

It was a great experience to plan worship knowing that I would be using our own corporate worship experience as examples in my talk.  Of course, one of my strings decided it just wasn't going to stay in tune so after the out of tune attempt on "Marvelous Light", I gave it up and went to the keys for the rest of the set. Those strings are only 3 weeks old! was our setlist:

"Marvelous Light" - Charlie Hall

"Glory to God" - Fee/Beeching


"Hear our Praises" - Hillsongs

Corporate Scripture Reading - Psalm 23

"Restless" - Audrey Assad/ Matt Maher


Time of Response - Communion and Giving Stations Open

"Made to Worship" - C. Cullen/D. Stroud - (Here is a recording of this original song performed by Wendy Young).

04 Made To Worship


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