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Easter Weekend Recap

Good Friday Conversations

image852494124.jpgI am loving the conversations I am now able to have with my five and a half year old daughter,Sydney. We spent the morning together catching up on what happened this week at school, whose birthday is next in our family (hers!) and talking about truth. Yeah, I thought this was a pretty big topic but man, she was ready for it.

We were watching one of her favorite kid movies at her "Beach Party" that she had constructed in our living room (yes, she was in her bathing suit) and she asked me if the movie we were watching was true? I told her no, it was pretend. She asked me if Easter was a true story...yeah, I was excited that things turned that direction.

We began talking about Jesus, His death, His Resurrection, His return to Heaven to prepare a home for us. The questions were Heaven real or pretend?Is there a bed for me there? Will all my friends be there? We talked about the gold streets, the pearly gates...she was all into the bling. Then she said, " I want to go right now!"

Me too, Syd... me too.