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Sunday Recap - Palm Sunday

We celebrated Palm Sunday on both of our campuses yesterday in our services. I love the creativity of different worship leaders preparing worship sets with a couple of shared elements. All our visuals are totally different as far as background video loops and flow, but it's cool to share a couple of key things that the communicators desire to be in both services. I led at our Bluffton Campus and Johnny Rohrbeck led at our Hilton Head Island Campus.  At the Bluffton Campus, we did a throw back men's trio to a PCD tune from about 10 years ago. It was great! Toni knocked it out with Hillsongs " Hosanna". We have upgraded both campuses to ProPresenter 4. We brought the Bluffton Campus online with it a couple of weeks ago and HHI this week.  We are LOVING the Stage Display option in Bluffton. You have to check it out.  If you are not a Mac production ministry, no worries. Pro4 for Windows comes out very soon! Here are the setlists for both campuses...

Bluffton                                                            Hilton Head Island

"Friend of God"                                                    "Unchanging"

"Sing to the King"                                                "Hosanna" - Baloche

Welcome/Announcements                                   Welcome/Announcements

Scripture Reading - Mark 11:1-11                        Scripture Reading - Mark 11:1-11

"Hosanna" - Brooke Fraser                                  "How Great is Our God"

Offering Prayer                                                   Video: Message Bumper

"Your Grace Still Amazes Me" - PCD                    Message:Pastor Todd

Video:Message Bumper                                        Time of Response: Communion & Giving Station open

Message:Pastor Jeff                                            "Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone)"

"Praise the Father/Praise the Son" - Tomlin          Video: Easter Invite

VIDEO: Easter Invite                                             Closing Remarks

Closing remarks - Band played out...                    "Happy Day"

                                                                               Dismiss - Band Plays out

I participate in “Sunday Setlists” at TheWorshipCommunity.Com. Check out other great setlists by clicking here!

Did you miss me?

One of my friends asked me a couple of weeks ago if I still lived on the Island (lol, Cassie!) Yes, I have been away from cheval glass and everyday life quite a bit the past few weeks. I have embarked on a new adventure...working on both sides of the bridge. Yes, I spend part of my working week in Bluffton and the other part on the Island. I'm serving at both campuses of LCC now working with Programming for services and communication. It's been a great experience to meet so many wonderful LCC people at the Bluffton Campus that I have never met since I have been serving exclusively at the Hilton Head Island Campus the past two and a half years. As a family, we are adjusting to mom being at both campuses. My only fear is that I will end up at the wrong one on a Sunday. As Sydney says ,"Are we going to the big church or the little church?" You figure it out :)

While there is more than normal on my plate for the moment as I transition, I am so excited about the new musicians, tech people, and creatives I have most recently met that want to jump in and get involved. As I talk with Pastor Jeff and Pastor Todd about Easter and upcoming Message Series', I cannot help but get SO PUMPED about the direction that we are headed as a church and what God is doing in the lives of our staff and our LCC family. I see God revealing Himself to me and working in my life in new and fresh ways...this is the answer to one of my most earnest prayers during this Lent Season. So even though I've been a little silent here, I have been learning, growing, and connecting with God in a huge way in these past few weeks. Yeah, I'm tired, but it's a GOOD tired and it feels really good to be back here at cheval glass. I'm ready...


HHI Campus                Bluffton Campus


Join me at the NWLC10 in Kansas this summer!

2010 NWLC Cover

I am so exited to announce that I will be joining worship leaders from all over to attend the National Worship Leaders Conference in Leawood, Kansas from July 19-22. I have the privilege of being a blogger for the event and I am SO pumped! Here are some of the amazing artists and speakers that will be attending:

Louie Giglio
Chris Tomlin
Marcos Witt
Israel Houghton
Keith & Kristyn Getty
Matt Redman
Lisa Harper
Steve Berger
Laura Story
Scotty Smith
Pocket Full of Rocks
Lenny LeBlanc
Dr. Quentin Schultze
10the Ave North
Billy & Cindy Foote
Matt Papa
Jonathan Lee
One Sonic Society

Mark your calendars for this amazing week and make plans to be there!