Amy Grant at ReCreate 2010
Mandisa at Recreate 2010

What is re:create?

Most people just don't understand setting aside 4 days of your life to attend something every year even when you have no idea of what it is going to be like each and every year. For me, it is four days of being with friends I only see once a year. It is a time to let my guard down because you know without a doubt that this is a safe place. It is staying up way too late to talk about stuff that I probably don't talk about with other people. It is a time to not take anything way to seriously about myself, my ministry, or my job title. It is a time that I am laughing one moment and maybe crying the next because I was so moved by what someone said or something I experienced. It is time for be away from everything with my thoughts. I have made some life changing decisions here over the last 9 years (I came the 2nd year it started and have only missed one year since because it was the week that Sean was born). I love the surprises, the amazing special guests that we have, and the musical events that we experience...BUT if all of that went away, I would still be here every year. My friends are amazing group of early adopters, leaders, artists, and people that want to make a difference with their lives each and everyday.  I admire them, I pray for them - they are my brothers and sisters in Christ and we need each other...even if only face to face for four days a year.  That is re:create.