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Sunday Recap - Happy New Year!

I'm back in the swing of things "officially" today. We had an amazing Sunday of worship in our services...we did familiar, kicking worship up front and ended with a great time of response after the Message. Todd did a stand-alone message on "Love God, Love People." You can hear it here. It was one of his best (and I am his worst critic! poor guy...) I love Christmas, but I was so ready to sing "our songs" of worship this week! It was definitely coming from my toes! Our service order is below and here is the link in Planning Center Online for you to view it.

"Counting on God" - New Life Worship

Drum solo (this was so cool...we set click for the song before and after to be the same and Randy just let it fly between songs!)

"Because of Your Love" - Paul Baloche


"There's No One Like Our God" - Vineyard

"The Lord Reigns" - Gateway

Video Bumper - TOP 10 New Years resolutions -


Time of Response - Giving, Prayer, Communion stations open

"By Our Love" - Christy Nockels

"Center" - Charlie Hall

We did six songs this week and it really worked well. I think I am going to plan for 6 songs each week moving forward. I am so excited about this year. We are two and half years old now! God has done some unbelievable things in my life and through this church campus plant. It is an amazing adventure...bring it on, 2010!