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Sunday Recap

We are in Part Two of a series called "Hostage" talking about fear, anger and depression and breaking free of the bondage of these things in our lives. We made the decision to devote more time to worship through music in 2010. I can't tell you the difference in adding just another 5-6 minutes to the service for worship through music. It was exactly what we needed to do, especially during this series. Here was our service order:

"Glorious" - Tomlin and Nockels

"All Because of Jesus" - Fee


"Let Me Sing" - Fields

"Our God Reigns" - Passion

Video - Message Bumper

"Arms that Hold the Universe" - Fee

"Blessed Be Your Name" - Redman

We introduced "Arms that Hold the Universe" this week from Fee. This is a great song! I really feel like our people are responding in worship more now than ever.

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