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Facebook or being with faces


No one can argue the culture-changing effect of social networking because of facebook. Company stats reveal that there are 350 million users and that 50 percent of them log in on any given day. My multi-class high school reunion in October would never had occurred without facebook. Needless to say, there was less "surprise" since most of us saw everybody' profile pic before we arrived. I have re-connected with so many people in the last 2 years since I joined facebook. I have been able to pray for some of my friends who have been going through some serious stuff that I would have never known without facebook. I have seen people engage with other people spiritually that I don't think would have happened without the tool of facebook. But, as I expressed in a previous blog, the more connection I have in the virtual world, the more I sense the need to unplug from it.

I spent most of yesterday communicating to two groups of people that I am doing life with on the small group that meets each week and my womens' mentoring group that will meet once a month for 2010. I was so energized by the expectancy of connecting with them this year.  I woke up this morning with such a deep sense of connection to those around me, to my community, and to God. I love blogging, texting, reading blogs, and technology. I have connected with some amazing people in Worship Arts because of twitter and being a blogger.  People I would have never met without it.  But I think I was really surprised to see the emotional difference that I felt about these people - flesh and blood that I interact with on a regular basis -  versus connecting with my friends on facebook, twitter, and through blogging.

 Stats tell us that my age group ( comments,please...I'm on the low-end of this bracket!)) represents 30 percent of the user database of facebook. We are the largest demographic on facebook (4 percent higher than 18-24). So, I'm processing my demographic replacing flesh and blood relationships with facebook friends? Are we doing both?

So where are you? Are you energized by connecting on facebook more than being with faces? Are you like me and are more energized about interacting with flesh and blood? Do neither have any impact on you? I would LOVE to hear your thoughts. Please leave a comment below.