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Sunday Recap - Happy New Year!

The thread of God's amazing grace

I have enjoyed a couple of weeks of being "somewhat unplugged" from social networking and blogging. The more that I embrace technology in my life, the more I find myself longing for times of "hiding" as I call it from the world and what is going on with it and everyone in it. Don't be offended :) but I have enjoyed not really knowing "what is going on" outside the four walls of my home!

The older I get, the more I long for to breathe and think. When I was younger, I hated thinking about the past and would really force myself to not do it. I thought it was pointless and non-productive. As I approach my 15 year wedding anniversary in 2010 and 40 is not that far away, I have found such joy in thinking about how my past connects with my present and the future. I see the thread of God's amazing grace...all woven together into the tapestry that is my journey.

I heard a great communicator say that we live our lives between the moments God tells us about the promise and the actual moment He keeps His promise to us. The time between God telling Abraham that he would have a son and it actually happening was 20 years. David was anointed King of Israel many years before he actually became King...there was a thread of God's amazing grace.

I'm learning to see my life as a big picture comprised of many snapshots. I have enough years behind me to see seasons of tremendous struggle and seasons of great blessing. The snapshots of 2009 are some of my most memorable...

1. We purchased a home on HHI. This is our 3rd home we have purchased in our married lives, but this one was a "miracle" in so many ways...from the financing. to the down payment, to the timing of the closing...God's amazing grace ALL over it!

2. Sydney started Kindergarten. After waiting 9 years to have children, God gave us the most beautiful gift in Sydney in 2004. I would love to repeat the 5 years we have had at home together from her first year in Atlanta with both grandparents our almost 2 year adventure in her preschool and now school experiences here on Hilton Head. She is a reflection of God's amazing grace. I have so enjoyed the "one-on-one" time with Sean David...I cannot wait to see all that this little boy is going to become!

3. Todd beginning to speak most Sundays at our campus. This started in June of this year and I have been amazed at the gift that God has given him to share his heart and to teach God's Word. This has been a joy to be able to use my abilities to come alongside Todd in his Message prep each week (and it has generated some interesting "discussion" as well at our Thursday at 4pm run-throughs!)

There are so many more that I could share that all tie directly back to God's amazing grace in our marriage, our children, and our church. I encourage you to embrace the thread and see the whole picture of your life, especially over the next week as we begin a new year with new snapshots. If you would like to share one with me here, I would love to hear about it.

God's best in the New Year....