Sunday Recap - one for the history books!
Sunday Recap - The Advent Season


We took some time off last week for the holidays and I took some time off from my computer. I've fully recognized the fact that I do not truly rest if I do not literally "unplug" from the virtual world!

I had some time to reflect on what I am most thankful for this year and here is what I came up with in no particular order. I am most thankful this year for...

  • the man I married almost 15 years ago - our struggles have refined not defined our love for each other.
  • the two children that God blessed me with to be their mother - they reveal to me everyday the divine and perfect design of God the Creator.
  • a church family that truly exhibits the love of Christ to me - encouragement, love, and support are their traits - not criticism and negativity.
  • friends that stay connected regardless of the miles (you know who you are!)
  • family that shares what they have with each other - not out of obligation, but out of genuine love and support.
  • a God and Friend who has been right there with me through all my immature tantrums, pride, selfish ways and general times of discouragement - not with a heavy hand, but with arms of love and security.