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Sunday Recap - one for the history books!

I've always prayed that God would keep my heart tender toward Him and His people as a Worship Leader/ Programming Director. You plan services every week and it so easy to become callous and predictable. But my God is neither of those things. So, here I am with this task of creating a worship experience every week that brings God's people and those seeking God to embrace Him, celebrate Him, reflect on their lives, and challenge them for spiritual renewal. I feel very under qualified a lot of times and not unaware of God enough in my own life to really accomplish this. And then we have a Sunday like we did this past week and God shows me how much He is in control and I am just the vessel...

I shared awhile back that I felt that God was leading me to do two things this year as a Worship Arts Leader...PRAY AND SHARE THE STORIES. This past Sunday was focused on doing those things and celebrating God's faithfulness in our finances as well as His goodness to us as we approach Thanksgiving this week. There was nothing really out of the ordinary in the plan. I prayed through my set list, edited a video, and prepared my team for the day. But then God showed up in a way that I still do not have words to describe. People were worshiping through song like I have never seen before. All songs they knew - nothing out of the ordinary. Mary Amonitti shared about her leadership experience in Financial Peace University and how God has laid it on her heart to start this for the Boys and Girls Club on the Island. Our FPU class retired more debt than any other class at both campuses!

After we showed a testimony video ( to be uploaded soon!), people were standing and applauding. I didn't know what to do. People were hooping and hollering and hugging the Krupas (in the 11 service.) They were so overwhelmed at this story. I thanked the Krupas for sharing it and then sang "Healer" which I felt best captured their story. Todd led us through communion together and then we worshiped in song. I almost felt like I had to REALLY dismiss everybody because I think they didn't want to leave. Some people continued to stay even after the lights were down on stage and we were playing them out and kept singing with us.

People are hungry to see and experience life change. I think that this past Sunday gave people the opportunity to hear and see firsthand what God can do. We didn't have a planned message other than people telling their stories of life change. Here was our service flow:

"Salvation is Here" - Hillsongs

"Jesus Reigns" - Todd Fields


Todd and Mary - FPU stories

Video -LCC stories - Brian and Cassie Krupa


The Lord's Table

"Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone)"

Communion together

"How Great is Our God"

"Happy Day"

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