Sunday Recap
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Sunday Recap - cold medicine or the Holy Spirit?

Todd assured me after I asked him that question that he truly sensed that God was moving in both of our services. My head was a fog (I forgot to start one of the songs - I just told everybody  - Sorry!) I had someone tell me that they like it when I mess up - it makes them think I am really human! Why is it that I always get something on a Friday night or Saturday morning - just in time to feel REALLY bad on Sunday morning, but then I'm over it by Monday when I really don't care what I feel like then? Seriously, Todd and I spent a lot of time together working on the service and going over his message. He preaches it to me and others on Thursday afternoons on stage so that he can work through the flow and how it connects to the response time. You need to feel bad for Todd. He really has it tough because I have been doing services in this role for about 15 years on a church staff - he just started communicating on a regular basis 5 months ago. This has been a learning curve for both of us, but Todd has had to catch up quick! I say this with all the sincerity in my heart - this past Sunday was THE BEST message he has preached (in my opinion) and it was about giving! You can hear it by CLICKING HERE. I am really sensing a fresh annointing on my husband now that he is communicating on a regular basis. He heart for these people, his passion for God, and His ability to be authentic (especially with our personal financial struggles) has blown me away. Here was our service flow:

"Solution" - Hillsongs


"The Lord Reigns"  - Gateway

"Everlasting God" - Brenton Brown

Video - Message Bumper - Volunteers telling us why they serve at the Hilton Head Campus


Song of Reflection - "O How He Loves You and Me" - Kurt Kaiser

Prayer of Invitation

Time of Response: Giving and Prayer Station open

Songs of Response

"O How He Loves You and Me" - Chorus only

"How He Loves" - John Mark McMillan

At the end of Todd's message, he had everyone close their eyes and he painted a picture of what Christ's death was like for each of us. I came up along with Dave (bass player) and we underscored a little bit and then Todd asked everyone to just meditate on that image of Christ dying for each of us as we played and sang "O How He Loves You and Me." We did Verse one and Verse two and then Todd came up and shared the Gospel Message and did a hand-raised invitation. Three people accepted Christ between the two services! I played keys on this song and then during the invitation, I switched to acoustic and led them in the chorus of it one more time after the invitation. The rest of the band had come up by then and we went right into "How He Loves." In the second service, I was so overwhelmed with the two people that had indicated they trusted Christ, I couldn't get through the first verse of that song. I got myself together and managed to just sing from my toes "He loves us, Oh how, He loves us, Oh how, He loves us, Oh how He loves!" Dave Mastellar joined us on bass this week and it was great to have him back with us.

God is doing something here...and it wasn't my cold medicine.

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