Sunday Recap
Sunday Recap - cold medicine or the Holy Spirit?

Sunday Recap

This past Sunday was a culmination of Todd and I working very closely together to create a worship service that captured the essence of the adventure that lies ahead for us as a new church campus. He prepared an amazing message that you can hear by CLICKING HERE about the church being many members and working together to accomplish all that God has for us here in this Island.  Todd and I shared some very specific recap stuff at our Campus Blog so you can CLICK HERE to read that. I gave Randy a drum solo in between "Counting on God" and "Because of Your Love." We put both songs on the same click and Randy worked out a solo in between them so that we went from one to another. It was so cool!

For our Time of Response, we did not have communion as a station - we focused solely on prayer. Todd had different leaders in each service come up and lead prayers for specific things and then we gave the congregation time to pray on their own for each request. I just underscored on piano. This lasted about 8 minutes. Here was our service flow:

"Jesus Reigns"  - Todd Fields


"Counting on God" - Desperation Band

"Because of Your Love" - Baloche

Message Bumper


Time of Response: Prayer for Leaders, Our Community, Pre-Christians

"Mighty To Save"

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